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Reena and Kishor, Tanzania

Reena and Kishor’s wedding shows how your dream of a fairytale can come true!

There’s fun and fabulousness at the wedding as The Photo Diary renders Reena and Kishor’s love story to film at their beautiful beach wedding in Tanzania.

Reena acquired a crush on Kishor from the moment she met him in university. Their friendship seemed inevitable and within a couple of years of getting to know each other, they realized they’d fallen blissfully in love.

It’s with this story that we are introduced to the beautiful couple on their wedding day. “I proposed first!” the bride exclaims as the camera catches her and follows the couple around, picking up little sparkling facets of their personalities.Whether it’s silly habits or their most memorable moments every detail is beautifully preserved by Monisha Aigoankar of the The Photo Diary.

Each frame in this wedding film is visual poetry – the vintage themed scenes, the swooping vistas from overhead, the close, candid captures. And the people make the moments – touching speeches, fun anecdotes, friends, family, the wedding rituals interspersed with moments of music and humor.

Reena and Kishor’s wedding film is a celebration of their fairytale – their dreamy white wedding, their traditional beachside nuptials, the spirit of true love is conveyed perfectly with artistic brilliance!

Cinematographer- The Photo Diary

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