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Reshu and Ashish, Malaysia

The dazzle of festivities & depth of feelings are wonderfully balanced in this fun wedding trailer shot in Malaysia.

Their destinies intertwined by the knowing hands of their parents, Reshu and Ashish stepped into matrimony via vibrant wedding celebrations that reflected their personalities.

WeddingSutra Favorite VS Studio captured all the stunning thematic decor setups, rousing revelries on the beach, and deeply emotional moments in evocative frames which can be seen in this charming wedding trailer.

It commences with aerial shots of the Malaysian coast and the stunning wedding venue where the groom is captured expressing his wish of how he wants his wedding to be like a holiday for his loved ones. Shots of exotic local dancers, eclectic themes, poolside shenanigans, beach bashes, neon lights and everyone grooving to rousing beats set a party mood at the start. As the video transitions into the nuptial shots, the tempo mellows and you see fireworks light up the sky while a light show on the side of the hotel felicitates the couple.

The glamorous couple is seen smiling broadly as they exchange garlands and look towards their loved ones, while viewers hear their parents express how the duo make a beautiful couple. Candid shots of the couple capture the love they feel for each other, while emotional shots beautifully capture the nuances of the love their parents have for Reshu and Ashish.

The video ends on a cheeky note when Reshu is asked how she feels, and she winks at the camera and says, “Married!”

Location: Malaysia
Videography: VS Studio

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