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Richa and Nitesh, Himachal Pradesh

Nitesh and Richa's immersive wedding film balances poignant and peppy moments perfectly in candid frames.

A wedding film that evokes an array of emotions, the latest offering by WeddingSutra Favorite – House on the Clouds is a heartwarming production that captures the nuptials of Richa and Nitesh.

With opening shots that focus on a household slowly waking up at dawn and its members getting busy with the pre-wedding preparations, the film aptly sets the tone for a Punjabi wedding that’s rich with local heritage and local nuances. Following this, there’s a quick montage of cute children singing Punjabi songs, a ‘charkha’ (spinning wheel), and women looking bashfully into the camera as they join in the celebrations. The absence of a musical score and the inclusion of the background hustle and bustle allows viewers to immerse themselves in every frame and forge a connection with Richa’s family members as they go about their tasks and express their emotions one by one.

Starting with Richa’s mom who can’t fully express the feelings she has for her daughter, it’s a sentiment packed segment where snippets of various family members are shown recalling their times with the bride, and how they’ll remember her after the ‘bidaai’ is done.

There are also plenty of smile-inducing moments that are peppered with friendly banter, like the time Richa playfully smears haldi on her friends, the wedding guests doing the bhangra with glares on, the groom quietly recalling their love story and Richa guiding her new husband on posing properly for the camera.

With this film, House on the Clouds has crafted a masterpiece that explores a kaleidoscope of emotions. Offering an up-close and personal look at the couple and their family’s journey, this film ends on a happy note accompanied by a soulful background score and clips of everyone celebrating the start of this new chapter in Richa and Nitesh’s life.

Location: Villa Camellia – Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
Videography: House on the Clouds

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