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Rippol and Jatin, Punta Gorda, Florida

Highlights of Jatin and Rippol's wedding video shot in Florida include their dramatic entries where they look no less than a modern-day Indian prince and princess.

A beautiful expanse of water, a car over a serene bridge and a picture-perfect sunset sets the mood at the beginning of Rippol and Jatin’s wedding video. Shot in Punta Gorda which lies on Florida’s gulf coast, the video by Pacific Pictures captures the grandeur of the water-facing location as well as the little details that make up the emotional depth of wedding videos.

Jatin and Rippol pose romantically against the stunning backdrop at the start after which the action cuts to loved ones gathering for an outdoor function. Emotions run high when Jatin’s and Rippol’s parents take to the stage to share their views about the marriage while the couple looks on lovingly. Jatin and Rippol also share their feelings on stage during an evening function where she sparkles in a glittering white gown while he looks dapper in a blue tuxedo.

Highlights of this wedding video include the dramatic entries made by both the bride and groom. He makes an entry on a camel wearing a white turban and sherwani, while she looks like a bonafide Indian princess in her rich red wedding lehenga and borne aloft on a cushioned palanquin-type platform carried by loved ones.

Traditions are what make Indian weddings truly special, and the video captures the bride’s ‘pithi’ (similar to haldi) ceremony, ‘garba’ (traditional Gujarati dance) performances and the auspicious outdoor pheras which takes place in the day. A synchronized dance sequence by friends clad in red and white adds a touch of youthful energy to the proceedings. The location plays a key role in this wedding, and Pacific Pictures deftly captures the ambiance of the stunning surroundings which adds a touch of magnificence to Jatin and Rippol’s repository of wonderful wedding memories.

Videographer: Pacific Pictures

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