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Rumaiza and Anas, Kodaikanal

This wedding trailer captures the sprawling beauty of Rumaiza and Anas' wedding venue as well as their intimate emotions deftly.

Peppy music, amusing anecdotes, and splendid sights are a few features that stand out in Rumaiza and Anas’ wedding trailer shot by WeddingSutra Favorite – The Photo Diary. This video does not just capture the lively spirit of the couple’s intimate nuptials but also manages to showcase their cheerful personalities deftly.

Rumaiza and Anas, Kodaikanal

The film opens with jerky montages and exaggerated transitions that match every beat of the soundtrack that plays in the background. A bride who looks like a queen and her handsome groom are seen dancing happily, and this is an evocative reminder of the love and chemistry that the duo share. When asked about their story, the cheeky groom asks if he should talk about the real or the fake version! A reluctant bride slowly begins to spill the beans and concludes by saying “My children can’t see this!” With this, there is a shift in the mood, a change in visuals and a sense of joy takes over.

Rumaiza and Anas’ wedding film makes it clear that their wedding didn’t come around easily. But it does not dwell too much on that and is designed to focus on the joy and positivity of the couple and the celebrations around them. The funny moments punctuated with emotional visuals strike the right balance between lightheartedness and poignancy which makes this wedding film one whose essence lingers in the viewer’s hearts for a long time.

Video Courtesy: The Photo Diary

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