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Saaksha and Karan, Goa Marriott Resort & Spa

Hop onto Saaksha and Karan’s Wedding Revelries and rest assured that you’re in for a joy ride!

The opening to this wedding video by Reels and Frames may seem like the opening to many videos you’ve seen – bright music, serene views, a beautiful mandap… Karan’s parents love their daughter-in-law already and gush about how affectionate and bubbly Saaksha is. Then it’s time to meet Saaksha’s parents. Her aunt speaks fondly of how eagerly anticipated Saaksha’s birth was, “the first grandchild of that generation so everyone was looking forward to her.” Just as you brace yourself for a flood of sentiment though, her aunt wickedly says, “We thought she’d be a replica of my sister who is an angel but Saaksha was just the opposite!” And that sets in the actual tone of the video – unapologetically wild and incomparably fun.

If you’re looking for mushy bytes and a coy couple, this is not the video for you. But if it’s a free-spirited bride, an unabashed groom and a family with a knack of knowing just how much to salt their memories you’re after, then come on and join in the fun. In three and a half minutes of pure delight, the video pulsates with excitement and makes it evident that the couple’s wedding was, in fact, an extended party with lots of music, no dearth of alcohol and unrestrained merrymaking.

If that wasn’t enough to put this video in a league apart, wait for the tell-all tales and confessions of the couple’s dirty little secrets for more edge one could ever imagine!

Reels and Frames call this one ” The Anti-Wedding Trailer” and for a good reason. Here’s the video that comes with the warning “Make sure your parents aren’t around”.

Videographer: Reels and Frames

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