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Saloni and Akshay, Mumbai

There is beauty in simplicity, and Saloni and Akshay’s pre-wedding video ‘The Beginning’ focuses on their journey after they met in an arranged marriage setting

Memories, emotions and romance blend together as Akshay and Saloni narrate their love story in this pre-wedding video shot by Shreya Sen Photography. It evokes that ‘old world romance’ from the first frame till the last.

We all have heard about embarrassing, perhaps uncomfortable stories of various couples who had had to meet their other halves in an arranged marriage setting. It comes across as a forced idea, one based on time limits and blind dates, for today’s millennials who are generally wary of arranged marriages.

Even though Saloni and Akshay’s relationship followed a similar pattern, their journey is different. The video starts with giving the viewer subtle glimpses of the couple spending quality time at Mumbai’s scenic Marine Drive. The dreamy pre-wedding video shot by Shreya Sen Photography follows a flashback narrative of all the thoughts and emotions that go through the couple’s mind from their first meeting in an arranged marriage scenario to how they developed feelings for each other.

We get to experience the couple’s recollections, their first-hand observations and friendship from three meetings arranged at different five-star locations in Mumbai. After the first meeting where family members also gathered together to the next meeting where Sonali and Akshay meet alone – it is a treat to step into their footsteps and hear their story.

The pre-wedding video throws light on old-world romance; the way she sees her, the way he holds her hands and a dreamy surprise proposal in the end that captures subtle nuances of their journey from strangers to lovers. In short, ‘The Beginning’ reminds us of the charm of simplicity, authenticity and sheer emotions that rule relationships, whether arranged or not.

Cinematographer- Shreya Sen Photography

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