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Sanaa and Parth, Goa India

The Photo Diary gives us a glimpse into Sanaa and Parth’s wedding that is a spectacular party that none of their guests are ever going to forget!

Sanaa and Parth’s wedding film by The Photo Diary opens with the two of them singing out loud and dancing joyously to the song “Pyaar humein kis mod pe le aayaa”. And just like that, you know this video is going to take you through a lively celebration, bubbling with excitement all planned meticulously by WE (Weddings & Entertainment) Hospitality!

The Photo Diary does a perfect job of capturing poignant moments, unbridled revelry and a kaleidoscope of emotion in a string of snippets, strung together into a gorgeous narrative. A thrilled bride playing the dhol around her neck, her running to wrap her arms around a loved one, dancing in celebration with her friends – each moment shines individually and the sum, greater than its parts, is a delight for the viewer!

Sanaa’s personality is a delight to encounter – uninhibited and playful. You get the impression that perhaps Parth is the more sober of the two – but that momentary thought is blown away once you listen to his friends’ anecdotes of him bullying them as children and his father telling tales of just exactly how mischievous he was.

It could be the ocean breeze playing tricks or maybe Sanaa and Parth just have the magic recipe for a crazy, wild, wonderful party – but every frame sparkles with happiness and fun, guests smiling, the backdrop alive with joy. This beachside wedding was filled with light-hearted emotions and a heavy-duty party spirit. The video presents the joy and the madness beautifully, and its refreshing imagery has an addictive quality which is sure to make you want to watch it one more time. 

Videography: The Photo Diary

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