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Sanya and Ashfaq’s Serendipitous Story- a Wedding Film by Romesh Dhamija

The Universe conspired to bring Sanya Farook from Goa into the life of London-based Ashfaq Shaikh when it brought together his brother and her cousin on a Hajj pilgrimage. The men casually shared notes about their siblings-of-marriageable-age, and soon enough the families had been alerted, and the rest is… well, destiny.

Sanya and Ashfaq’s serendipitous story is simply told through the voices of her family and the couple themselves in their wedding film. Sanya recalls the unexpected beep of Ashfaq’s first text message on her cellphone, which grew into endless chats that unfailingly brought a smile to Ashfaq’s face each time. These chats led them to meet and decide that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Director Romesh Dhamija captures the couple’s chemistry beautifully in simple visuals on pristine Goan sands and brings alive the romance and sacredness of their Nikah ceremony using soulful sufi strains and the priest’s Quran recitation. Summing up the film is a montage of the revelry that followed — a colourful Goa-style sundown party, the Sangeet ceremony and Reception — which ends with the couple setting out on their new adventure together. Watch the film here.

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Video courtesy- Romesh Dhamija Productions {Photo & Films}

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