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Sera and Kaid, Udaipur

This striking wedding film explores the charming traditions and festivities of a beautiful Bohri wedding.

Opening to the candid image of the couple in love, just two people setting off on a life together, this wedding film navigates the unique rituals and tender family moments that make up a Bohri wedding, shot and created by Emotiongraphers.

Myriad shots of the wedding festivities are interspersed with poignant frames of emotions, as the couple and their loved ones gear up for the big day. Sweet moments of the bride with the groom’s family come on screen as you hear him say, “Introducing her to my family was the best decision I ever took, as she was the piece that completed my picture-perfect family.” He goes on to thank her for being the one person who has always been there for him through the good and the bad, and that it is now his privilege to make all her joys and sorrows his own, as the crowd of loved ones erupt in a heartfelt cheer for the young couple. Beguiling shots of various functions supersede each other, culminating in the all-important moment where Kaid accepts Sera as his partner forever with the magical two words “kabool hai”.

As the tempo changes, its rising rhythmic beats invite you into the energetic celebrations of dance and music as everyone gets their groove on. The peppy symphony urges you to get up and join in as shots of choreographed performances blend with the uninhibited energy of the couple and their guests as they dance the night away.

Location: The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace, Udaipur
Videography: Emotiongraphers

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