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Shaista and Kshitj, New Delhi

Songs, candid conversations and sounds of celebrations add rich layers of significance to Shaista and Kshitij's wedding video trailer that is packed with unedited, unfiltered emotions.

While pictures can speak more than a thousand words, sounds, voices and music add those deep, intricate layers of context and meaning to an image or a video that enlivens what is seen on screen. And that’s exactly what is evident in Shaista and Kshitij’s wedding trailer by WeddingSutra Favorite – Slice of Life Pictures as it taps into the candid chats and cheery sounds that epitomize unedited emotions and unfiltered moments.

The opening scenes of the trailer show Shaista’s camaraderie with her loved ones during the haldi ceremony. A chat between two ladies about the significance of the ceremony, the bubbly bride being showered with flowers and then immediately saying “Lovely! That picture must have come well!” as well as shots of everyone bursting into laughter – all of it adds warmth and authenticity to the real life scenes which the viewer easily notices.

The background score is added keeping in mind that it doesn’t overpower the sounds of the guests hooting, cheering and clapping. That tangible sense of excitement and awe of her wedding day is captured when Shaista’s friend is overheard telling her how pretty she looks and the bride looks at herself dreamily and says, “I can’t believe this is happening! Maybe it’s just a photoshoot.”

Finally to heighten the romance, in the third segment of the film, the soundtrack transitions to a peppy number and the background ambiance includes the sound of birds chirping on the morning of the pheras. A young man takes to the mic to belt out a soulful number which is the perfect accompaniment for the celebratory yet poignant mood at the conclusion of the trailer.

Videography: Slice of Life Pictures

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