Shirin and Mohit's wedding video induces awe - from the opening drone shots of blue waves surging to the beach flanking The Ritz-Carlton resort in Bali to the many intimate - and funny moments - moments captured between loved ones in an extremely candid manner.

Directed by Yosep Sugiarto and edited by Eunike Glorya, the wedding video was a result of intense Skype discussions that Shirin and Yosep had to flesh out all the themes, events and moments she wanted to capture. The wedding events were all based on movie themes such as a 'Bae Watch' pool party, 'A Spanish Affair' welcome dinner, 'Eat, Love and Pray' wedding ceremony and a 'Casablanca' reception. Shirin explains, "We wanted a video that we could look back in a few years time and still felt that warm, fuzzy, excitement we had during our four-day wedding."

And warm, fuzzy excitement is certainly the foundation of the video which starts with a shot of two kids playing together - a nice reminder that 11-year-old Mohit had decided to marry Shirin in the future when he first saw her as a 10-year-old at a family wedding. From there, we view shots of both sides of the family giving their opinion of the couple. There is a humorous moment when Shirin's mother refers to the 'walkie talkie' as a 'talkie walkie' and her husband gently ribs her. And then, like all mothers at weddings, she bursts into tears and the emotions are very palpable.

Shirin's gentle and thoughtful aura is beautifully captured in her sound bites as describes what she likes about Mohit. Shots of dancing, the couple getting ready and the traditional rituals are all edited to sound bites and music - so you get a sense of the story continuing seamlessly without any breaks.

Even the music is very evocative, cutting from instrumental to a love ballad to a Sanskrit shlok-based track. "Yosep captured our wedding beautifully and really understood the culture behind an Indian marriage," shares Shirin. The somber traditional moments give way to dancing and heady times at the 'Bae Watch' pool party by the beach and that changes the tempo of the early part of the video. Fittingly, the instrumental track slows down as the all-important pheras are conducted alongside dhol beats as Mohit is driven to the wedding in a convertible. The wedding video does not follow a strictly linear approach, preferring to create a montage of events that feature different emotions and tempos.

A large scale location and many small, precious moments marry well together to give this wedding video a sense of scale as well as intimacy, and you feel you know the family intimately after it ends. Bali, beauty, bonhomie are all hallmarks of this wedding captured for posterity - and repeated viewings - by the talented team at AXIOO.

Wedding Planners: Innaz Communique, Jakarta, Indonesia
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
Videographer: AXIOO, Indonesia

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