Those moments when Dhruv shares their dreams for a fulfilling life with Shivani by his side form some of the most tender frames in their wedding video shot in Nairobi, Kenya, by WeddingSutra Favorite - Anuraag Rathi. Dhruv’s gentle voice and words through this wedding video form the backbone of the narrative for the first half of the video.

Dhruv talks about the values with which the two dream of nourishing their relationship. In an emotive moment, he even expresses what Shivani means to him. “There are lots of things that I have envisioned us doing together, and the most immediate thing that comes to my mind is both of our passions, that is building things. I look forward to building a life together. I can’t imagine doing that with anyone else.”

While Dhruv’s words and voice offer a strong audio link from frame to frame aided by soothing music, Dhruvi is always one of the main focal points of the visuals whether alone or by Dhruv’s side. From the opening shots where the two pose in a charming house set on a green lawn or stand on the branch of a low-lying tree over a stream with lush greenery all around them, the video successfully captures the beautiful aspects of the interesting venues in Nairobi.

This intimate Gujarati wedding is all about family - from loved ones who have passed away but are still fondly remembered and respected to the relatives of various ages who are part of the proceedings. Friends also add merriment to the scenes of revelry on the lawn, and a sunny yellow vintage car lights up the screen a few minutes later.

As Dhruv’s dialogue recedes, the music takes over, and the pace of the video picks up to portray the cheer, excitement, and joy of the nuptials. With their family and friends reveling in the festive mood of their wedding celebrations, this thoughtful couple takes a step into their journey of matrimony with the blessings of their elders.

Videography: Anuraag Raathi

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