When Pravesh offered to drop Shraddha home from work, the first day they met, he was surprised when she said yes. This couple knew instinctively they were meant to be.

Captured by Odyssey Films, Pravesh and Shraddha’s marriage, #ThePSStory presents a kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, and a much cheering for them to have babies!

The drone camera sweeping over the calm waters of Chennai, the remarkable wedding décor is beautiful but doesn’t prepare you for the humor the film begins with. The couple’s friends and family are affectionate, boisterous and hilarious in equal doses. The groom’s brother says, “It’s very odd and surprising to see Pravesh wake up at 6 o'clock or at 5 o’clock in the morning!” From the early morning yawns to the flowers that he used to propose her with, the film paints each detail of their fairytale! The montages switch beautifully from teasing stories to them egging them on to have triplets!

Pravesh and Shraddha talking about each other is a masterclass in calm, fulfilling love. Running parallel to the slow-motion sequences of the haldi, happiness dances in the couple’s eyes as they look back in time and narrate their love story. The parents talking about their children and the love between them will make your heart stop.

The picture-perfect haldi gives way to bright lights, loud beats and merriment on the dance floor and the viewers witness a special father-daughter moment which is bittersweet.

The film is a joyride of emotion that morph into a splendid wedding celebration enhanced by the mesmerizing music underlay of an Odyssey Films production. A mirage of love, laughter, and myriad blessings, the film is aspirational for anyone who wants their wedding represented with authenticity and delight.

Video Courtesy: Odyssey Films

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