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Siddhu and Bhargavi, Hyderabad

Explore the romance and rhythms of Siddhu and Bhargavi’s nuptials with their wedding video shot by Visualeyes.

The dramatic expanses of Rachakonda, Hyderabad are a telling backdrop for Siddhu and Bhargavi’s evocative wedding video that tells the tale of two souls, who fought the odds to embark on their journey of love. After four years of being together, Siddhu and Bhargavi decided to tie the knot convincing their parents with a great difficulty.

They didn’t give up on their dream of getting married in a temple ceremony and began to organize the entire wedding with no help. In a bittersweet moment with mixed emotions, the wedding took place and the two are now man and wife. Siddhu and Bhargavi’s wedding film starts with sweeping views of Rachakonda, the couple walking towards each other. The film captures the stark reality of their situation in a manner that is both tender and dramatic. Looking out into the arid expanses of Rachakonda, standing on the cliffs, no one in sight, the two have only each other. And of course their gorgeous puppy Chocolate, a gift from Siddhu to Bhargavi. The traditional festivities then capture a typical South Indian wedding ceremony where the couple is fondly enjoying the rituals as friends and families witness the beautiful union. The film captures all the emotions, big and small. The couple smile and laugh and you think, these two are made for each other! To further the effect of the film (there is minimal music as background) in fact, Visualeyes uses the words of renowned philosopher Alan Watts’ “Falling Into Love” as underscore, “The moment you take a journey, what an act of faith. The moment that you enter into any kind of human undertaking in relationship, what an act of faith. See, you’ve given yourself up. But this is the most powerful thing that can be done: surrender.” Not long after the wedding, disapprovals turned into warm hugs and blessings within a year for this lovely couple as the parents accepted this beautiful union.

Videographer – Visualeyes

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