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Sindu and Piyush, Berjaya Langkawi Resort, Malaysia

The serene beaches of beautiful Malaysia came alive with the colors, rituals, and festivities of Piyush and Sindu's charming Indian wedding captured by Creative Chisel.

The opening scenes of Sindu and Piyush’s wedding video stuns viewers with a magnificent drone shot of the Berjaya Langkawi Resort in Malaysia with its over-water villas. Piyush and Sindu are captured walking on the beach which fronts a beautiful ocean view dotted with hills and faraway mountains.

In the background, a voice with a distinct ‘foreign’ accent intones wedding vows while a sweet melody unfurls as the couple walk hand in hand and pose for the candid shots.

Bollywood soon makes itself felt in the speech by a friend/relative who shares how Piyush and Sindu’s wedding feels like a story out of a Karan Johar movie about a group of friends holidaying in Croatia and how two to of them fall in love. A female friend then shares a little bit about her memories and the personalities of Sindu and Piyush and the viewers get a deeper insight what the couple is really like. Her account is juxtaposed with shots of wedding where Piyush makes an entry in a golf cart, while Sindu beams and loved ones dance and enjoy the occasion. The presence of a witty Caucasian priest presiding over the ceremony adds an unusual angle to the pheras.

The beauty of the Malaysia – with its lush greenery and serene beaches – comes alive with the colors of an Indian wedding, be it the uninhibited display of emotions, eye-catching rituals or vibrant attire. The sense of time passing between generations is beautifully captured in shots of parents kissing the couple and blessing them. And the priest adds a touch of humor with his interpretation of the wedding vows.

There is further humor when friends enact a romantic skit as the couple looks on amused. Then there are dance performances where everyone has a fun time, especially the couple who epitomize bonding and love.

Videographer:Creative Chisel

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