Sobia and Zohaib’s sophisticated wedding celebrations were seeped in cultural richness and deep emotion. Hosted at the plush Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, the revelries present glamorous, magnificent montages. WeddingSutra Favorite - House on the Clouds has outdone itself in the unfolding of the essence of their wedding.

The film opens to a cloud of incense, the holy smoke framing an ethereal bride as she gets ready for her wedding. Her mother, wracked by emotion, holds on to her, bringing tears to your eyes. A finger trails verses from a holy book. A moment later, there are scenes of celebration amongst the women, they clap, festoon each other with flowers, the bride is caught being cheeky for a second as she sticks her tongue out at someone out of frame. Tears, laughter, flowers, prayer, camaraderie – these are the essences of a wedding.

The Madinat Jumeirah’s stunning spaces are a glorious backdrop to the film. Whether glowing gently as the bride talks about finding home in the person or glittering as ecstatic dance performances take place, the hotel works as provider of both serenity and stage.

Zohaib’s entrance has childlike enthusiasm while the cinematic lighting of Sobia’s entry is straight out of a film. The transitions between the wedding and breathtaking vistas of the pre-wedding shoot fill you in on the chemistry this couple shares.

Through it all, the thread that ties it all together is the deep, soulful soundtrack that perfectly balances the emotional moments and then soars to match the crazy moves and flawless handstands on the dance floor.

Following the madness, the film concludes with heart-warming montages of the couple and House on the Clouds puts a beautiful love story to rest.

Location: Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai
Video Courtesy: House on the Clouds

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