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Srishti and Amit, Toronto

The couple’s captivating wedding video oozes with love and charm.

The film opens to light hearted visuals underscored by deep, meaningful words. A bride, her groom – laughing, twirling, waiting to be wed – while an elder speaks of life and love and growing up and old together.

Srishti and Amit’s wedding trailer is beautiful to behold – snippets of the celebrations are interwoven with personal moments, both together and alone. There are snapshots from the haldi ceremony, a glowing bride laughing as a gentle rain falls around her. The camera catches the two of them stealing moments from their sangeet so they can dance together.

Unlike most wedding films that usually include anecdotes from the couple or their family and friends, this video celebrates beautiful visuals with a gorgeous repertoire of songs to bring you the story of their union.

Some of the most captivating shots in the film are from the couple’s pre wedding shoot in Los Angeles. Scenes of the two sharing a companionable silence on a boat gliding over the placid waters in the Venice Canal Historic District look straight out of a Bollywood song; a sequence that features Srishti in a gorgeous red dress and Amit in a classic black suit at the Uban Lights evokes memories of classic American romance; and the couple inside the book cave at The Last Book Store is reminiscent of love in the aisle of a college library.

While the music and images immediately resonate with the viewer, the beautiful Chateau Le Jardins with its regal charm, lush lawns and cozy canopy makes for a wonderful setting. Sparse on words but extravagant with emotion, this wedding video isn’t just about the ceremony and rituals but also an ode to their love.

Videographer: Cineverse

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