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Sufi Love

Mili Ghosh captures all the feelings and festivities of Sheekha and Abbas' fabulous nuptials in the 'Sufi Love' wedding video.

This wedding video starts a little differently from most others where the couple are shown professing their love to each other at the start. Abbas and Sheekha’s evocative video by wedding filmmaker extraordinaire Mili Ghosh of Mili Ghosh Wedding Diaries starts with a visual of her parents talking or rather reminiscing about how their daughter was always treated like a princess ever since she was a little girl, and how they tried to fulfill her every desire as best they could.

We get an insight into the bride from the people who know her best – her parents. The viewer learns that Sheekha loves jewellery and dreamt of her one-week long wedding whenever she attended one as a young girl. Articulating the emotions of parents at the start is what makes this video so moving and memorable as it gives a sense of how quickly time flies and how fast children grow up – a sentiment that many will relate to.

No less memorable are the gorgeous couple themselves – shot in a variety of ensembles, locations and moods. Sheekha, an optometrist by profession looks every inch a catwalk model in her designer ensembles. There are shots of wedding revelry where guests of all ages can be seen letting their hair down. The soundtrack ‘Gehra Ishq’ from the movie Neerja adds that evocative touch to this love story captured on film.

The stunning wedding locations are captured beautifully, interspersing between long shots capturing the structures, and close-up frames documenting fast moving emotions and movements. The bonhomie between the good looking couple is evident in their slow-motion couple shots which are interspersed cleverly into the overall symphony of this lovely ‘Sufi Love’ wedding video.

Videography: Mili Ghosh

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