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Swati and Roshan, Sintra, Portugal

Pure love and magical romance suffuse this wedding video shot in the Land of Fairy Tales - Sintra, Portugal

Sparkling with shots of rolling hills, serene shores, medieval castles and captivating skies Pacific Pictures captures not just the human emotions at the wedding of Swati and Roshan but also Mother Nature’s myriad moods.

The video opens with a tilt shot of the magnificent castle where the wedding is about to unfold. Sitting on a hill, the vibrant hues of the castle walls glow amidst the lush green landscape around. As soundtrack, you hear the couple talk about each other, dwelling on the love they share.

The couple’s romance radiates through the film and its stirring narrative. Montages of the two lost in each other’s eyes and arms against the backdrop of the magnificent Portuguese facades fill your heart with warmth.

The film slowly allows the tempo to rise, building up an anticipation of the wedding festivities. The bride’s father addresses the guests, tender emotion suffusing his words. We see the bride and groom both getting ready – the haldi ceremony interspersed with giggling, a moment of calm as the bride’s dupatta is placed over her head in a picturesque window. The music begins to crescendo. The big moment is about to arrive.

The couple’s love for Bollywood then takes charge of the visuals as moments from the wedding are enlivened with their favorite Bollywood music. A mix of references – European locales, international guests, a bouquet of accents and influences, it all comes together as one incredible love story that stays with you even as the credits roll.

Location: Sintra, Portugal
Videography: Pacific Pictures

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