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Tanjot and Amarpreet, Patiala

Bonding, culture, and community spirit are captured candidly in Tanjot, and Amarpreet's wedding video shot by DotDusk Studios.

A few moments into Amarpreet and Tanjot’s wedding trailer, the viewer gets a strong sense of community as the couple’s loved ones come together in solidarity to help them prepare for their big day.

The video by WeddingSutra Favorite – DotDusk Studios opens with two happy ladies scraping off dried mehndi from their hands to reveal the beautiful pattern, as they light-heartedly talk about how they have no time to sit around when so much needs to be done.

There is a moment of pause, a visual of the Sikh flag waving in the wind and before you know it, you find yourself right in the middle of the action.

The camera captures purposeful strides as everyone gets things in order, joy as the couple and loved ones greet their guests, noises of animated chatter in the background and you can feel the excitement build up.

The high point of the video can be found in an intimate gathering where cheer is abundant, everybody revels in the festivities as they exchange Punjabi boliyans and display graceful bhangra moves.

In a poignant scene, a member of the family addresses his guests as he talks about the teaching of Gurmat. On the surfaces, this is telling of their faith but scrape it a little, and you will find that his words denote heartfelt blessings too and warm approval of the couple.

Every visual in their trailer is meaningful. While the snippets from the gurudwara will tug at your heart, those from the reception will uplift your spirits, and the film in all will fill you with deep emotions. As Amarpreet and Tanjot embark on a new journey together, we present to you the most precious moments from their wedding as captured by DotDusk Studios.

Videography: DotDusk Studios

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