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Tarana and Yagnesh, Dubai

Be it tender moments of love or nights of uninhibited partying, this couple had it all at their wedding.

Tarana crashed Yagnesh’s birthday party expecting a Bollywood Night; little did she know she was actually stepping into her very own Bollywood love story!

Before they knew it, they shared a connection beyond words and soon embarked on a journey that would take them to their Happily Ever After.

Their wedding video shot by WeddingSutra Favorite Knotting Bells opens with the distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Instantly the viewer knows you’re in only the world’s most luxurious hotel and what could be more fitting for this duo’s extravagant nuptials.

Using music to set the mood, Knotting Bells weaves high emotion with gorgeous aesthetic to create a compelling story. Upbeat Middle Eastern tunes open the film and you are introduced to Dubai, where the couple live. Then it is time to get to know them better – Yagnesh admits to having fallen in love with Tarana soon after they met, “It is kind of filmi the way we met, but I knew that very moment that she is the one!” Tarana talks about the qualities that make her groom shine and in a poignant moment, mentions that she misses her mother because this wedding would have meant so much to her. Like in real life, the celebration is tinged with sensitive, emotional moments that create a wonderful collage of feelings for the viewer.

The joy too, is infections. Snippets of their loved ones cheering for them, talking candidly about the bond that the two share and most importantly, letting loose and giving into the spirit of the occasion makes it evident that love and positivity are luxuries money can’t buy!

Videography: Knotting Bells

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