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Vinita and Shivam, Mumbai

See the tapestry of emotions, action, rituals and revelry in Vinita and Shivam's wedding film which was shot by Dreamcatchers Photography.

From talking to each other five times a day to not wanting to have anything to do with each other, Vinita and Shivam have seen it all. Inspired by a Bollywood movie, they confessed their love to each other in the most unique way. Skilfully captured by WeddingSutra Favourite – Dreamcatchers Photography, their wedding in Mumbai was their dream come true as well as a celebration of their journey.

What better way to start a wedding video than with a shot of henna designs on a bride’s hands? After the beautiful opening frames, we viewers get to enjoy shots of the charming decor and accompanying revelry. This wedding film takes one on a journey through rituals and revelry as the couple and their family members, all clad in elegant attires, project a kaleidoscope of emotions with every function, from the poignant wedding to the festive cocktail party where young and old show off their moves.

The Dreamcatchers Photography team has deftly captured the chemistry between Vinita and Shivam as well as the mood of every moment with their choice of soundtracks that heightens every emotion and adds drama to every visual.

Locations: Taste of Punjab (Mehndi), Playboy Club (Sangeet), NSCI (Wedding).
Video Courtesy: Dreamcatchers Photography

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