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Yashicka and Saurabh, Jaipur

A wedding film that takes viewers on an enchanting journey through this couple’s opulent celebrations.

Captured against the impressive facade of the Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur, Yashicka and Saurabh’s nuptials combined the beauty of traditions and deep-rooted family values with the splendor of a big, fabulous Indian wedding. Set to the soul-stirring melody of singer Kailash Kher’s hit track, ‘Piya Ghar Aayenge,’ this wedding film by WeddingSutra Favorite – Dipak Studios showcases all the subtle nuances of the celebrations.

The video unfolds with shots of the iconic Jai Mahal Palace and the mesmerizing mandap decor. Stunning shots of the bride and the groom’s regal wedding looks are interspersed with shots of the groom riding in on a chariot accompanied by his family members who are shown dancing with joy.

After an emotional welcome by the bride’s mother, the groom makes a dramatic entry as smoke bombs and professional dancers and performers surround him. Led by stunning dancers herself, the bride enters gracefully and joins the groom for the garlanding ceremony under a canopy of rose and jasmine strings. Beguiling shots of the wedding customs are punctuated by infectious happiness on the faces of the couple and their families.

As the video draws to an end, they look up to the fireworks lighting up the night sky with their sparkle, knowing their lives will never be the same again as they step into the future with hopes of blissful matrimony.

Location: Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur
Videography: Dipak Studios

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