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Zuzanna and Ludi, Southampton, New York

With an eclectic theme of Celestial Bodies, this beautiful bohemian wedding was an unusual mix of serenity and psychedelic energy.

“Let all that we do, be done in love”

With these poignant words borrowed from the bible, the soulful melody of this wedding film reaches the far corners of your being, as Zuzanna’s heartfelt vows, set the tone of eternal love for the video shot by Colorblind Production.

As the tempo changes, you are treated to a gorgeous visual of the lush environs of their stately property, followed by shots of the bride and groom preparing for their big day, the arrival of guests and the eclectic wedding décor. The theme of Celestial Bodies runs through he evening across the décor and dress code, and one can’t help but be arrested by the mesmerizingly eccentric outfits of the guests that included metallic colors, interesting silhouettes and patterns, and some truly tantalizing accessories. A subtle infusion of the theme is apparent in the outfits of the couple, with delicate embroidery of stars and the moon on the groom’s ink blue blazer, as well as the bride’s boho-chic gown with a flowy silhouette, very vintage in its beauty. Sweeping shots of the romantic waterfront ceremony are interspersed with shots of the bride and groom talking about the journey that got them here. The couple’s love for nature and eco-friendly inclination flows through every aspect of the wedding, from earthy, organic props to the rustic yet gorgeous altar made of feathers, wildflowers, and twigs, down to the wooden benches for seating. The highlight is the couple’s adorable baby daughter who giggles in glee at the excitement around her, as Ludi tearfully expresses his love to Zuzanna for giving him such happiness, a beautiful daughter, and so much more.

As everyone traipses towards the evening reception, the music imbibes a Trans like emotion, with psychedelic energy flowing through the crowd as the guests take to the dance floor. Cauldrons of fire arrangements, fairy lights, and candles induce an environment of warmth and magic, and the neon and metallic glow of outfits marry the shimmering sequins on shimmying bodies to transport you to another realm.

Location: Southampton, New York
Videography: Colorblind Production

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