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10 Beach Wedding Bar Inspirations

Keep your friends and family in high spirits with fantastic beach bar ideas for both outdoor and indoor venue. These ideas will have them raising a toast!

The right bar can add waves of fun at a beach wedding, especially if paired perfectly with a function’s special theme or décor. WeddingSutra Editors have compiled this list of do-able beach bar ideas that will give you and your guests a high without straining your budget.

1. Intimate Soiree
If your beach wedding includes just a small group of close friends and family, opt for simple yet sunny accents on tables such as pretty floral arrangements with blooms that are in season, and themed runners. Clap on some sunscreen, clink your glasses with your favourite drinks and enjoy the cosy ambience.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – Karen Theresa Photography

2. The Johnnie Walker Bar
A sophisticated indoor reception at a destination beach wedding should ideally include a classy option such as a Johnnie Walker bar set-up in the ballroom or venue. Think of it as the ‘black tie’ equivalent of a bar where mixologists work their magic.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – Camera Crew

3. Nautical Notes
This nautical-themed bar will bring the ocean vibe right to where the party is with its quaint wheel cart and rustic seaside shack vibe. Opt for pre-mixed cocktails at the self-serve cart for added convenience.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – The Wedding Bartenders and Vponsale Weddings

4. Elaborate Beachy
Sundowners during sunset are a must-do activity with close friends and family at beach weddings. Splurge on a striking wedding bar at the hotel’s beach pavilion with a well-stocked menu and easy chairs by the sea. Then just dig your feet in the sand and enjoy the view, drinks and company.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – Ramit Batra

5. Beer Boats
Yes, you can always serve beer on a tray but that is so boring. Instead, let your guests have the pleasure of fishing for their bottle by serving beer in boats or boat-shaped carriers. These are ideal as they can keep drinks chilled thanks to enough space for plenty of ice cubes.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – Bridebox

6. Glamorous Indoors
Indoor venues hosting receptions and after parties can be given a glamorous makeover with classy décor, especially the bar where a majority of the eager-to-party guests will undoubtedly congregate. Liveried mixologists and bartenders can showcase their talents and impress your equally glamorous guests.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – Ramit Batra

7. Neon Beach Party
Neon colours add that pop of pizzazz to regular beach bars. Think neon shot glasses, stirrers and LED ice cubes that make every glass seem like a work of art, especially at night. Pair these with cocktails and layered drinks in different colours for more impact.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – Phuket Best Photography

8. Rustic Bar
Ditch that monotonous covered table under a sun umbrella for your beach bar. Instead, ask your wedding planner to get their hands on a vintage chest of drawers and set up your bar on it. The added advantage is that you can put your odds and ends such as extra napkins and stirrers in it.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – One Love Photography

9. Mela On The Beach
A ‘dhaba-style’ drinks counter is a great idea for beach weddings that have Indian themes. A ‘thela’ with brightly coloured accents such as drapes and floral garlands will add traditional pomp and fizz to the venue. Opt for innovative drinks such as Tamarind Vodka and Masala Martini from this desi-style bar.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – The Wedding Bartenders

10. Hawaiian Affair
Get the breezy bliss of Hawaii to your beach wedding with Polynesian themed tiki glasses and accents such as fresh or wooden pineapples, ethnic masks and mason jars. Opt for rum-based drinks at this cool Caribbean corner.

Beach Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy – The Wedding Bartenders

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