You’ve handpicked décor elements and themes, spared no expense or effort and used your imaginative inspiration for the wedding of your dreams. So why settle for an ordinary bar set-up when you could plan for an absolutely extraordinary one?

It’s easy to create an absolutely smashing wedding bar. Remember, it has to be a cool, funky, inviting place where your guests can hang out during the party. And you need to have a theme in mind.

We’ve got a list of high-ly in-spirit-ational ideas that are sure to get your creative cocktails flowing. Here are 10 ways to make your wedding bar stand out and be the center of the good times!

1. 3-D Drama
Evolve past the straight bar counter and build a rectangular bar with a backdrop of giant playing cards to bring eye-catching symmetry and a hint of danger. This wedding bar will not only be a treat for your guests’ eyes but will pull in the crowd at your grand reception.

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - Ramit Batra

2. The Chill Factor
Perfect for a winter wonderland themed wedding, this bar, sculpted from crystal clear ice and enhanced with gorgeous ice sculptures is spectacular to look at and an unforgettable set-up. Sit back and relax as your guests get really, really chilled out.

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - Pinterest and The ice box

3. The Flower Power Bar
Indian weddings are always adorned with fresh florals in all the ceremonies. Why not extend the floral theme into the bar and add blooms and bouquets and posies to attract your guests like bees to nectar.

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - BizBash and Wisteria

4. Old World Charm
Maybe you want to create the sophisticated exclusivity of a vintage gentleman’s (and woman’s) club. For those who like to savor the complex flavors of blended scotch like the Johnnie Walker range, adding some posh cigars will create an old world charm for your guests.

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - Pinterest, Asia Bars & Restaurants and Copykate

5. Tapas Bar
Add a touch of European panache to your wedding bar by devoting half of it to serving drinks and the other half to serving bite-sized tapas. Guests can drink and snack while standing around and having fun.

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - Pinterest

6. Bar Al Fresco
Go green. Simulate the deep, dark, relaxed environs of a forest when you suspend leafy streamers and freshly cut weeping willow fringes from the ceiling. Add some lanterns on top to let the light dapple through and transport your guests to another world.

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - DotDusk

7. Oktoberfest Style
You’ll have them talking about this for ages after. Offer an on-tap craft beer selection to your guests. Not only will you introduce some of them to different kinds of beer, they’ll be in high spirits trying out new flavors and the free-flowing taps will add a touch of the exotic to your party.

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - Pinterest and Keg Outlet

8. His and Hers
Just because you got hitched doesn't mean you need to have the same taste in cocktails. How about dividing the wedding bar into two sides with the bride's signature cocktails in one and the groom's signature cocktails in the other half?

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - Home Edit and The Perfect Pair

9. A touch of the Arabian Nights
Add a sheesha/hookah corner as an extension to your wedding bar where your guests can lounge around with their drinks and flavored smokes. It’s a little decadent, a little exotic and a whole lot of fun!

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - Shisha bar and Pinterest

10. Shot o' clock
Get the MC to announce Don Julio tequila shot line-ups at regular intervals at your bar and get people to ‘clock’ in to add a fun element amongst your younger crew at the wedding.

Wedding BarPhoto Courtesy - Home Edit and Pinterest

Need more ideas to plan the perfect bar at your wedding? Get a little help from the experts who will show you how to plan the best party in town.

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