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20 Enchanting Mandaps That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Step into 20 breathtaking wedding mandaps that score high on novelty, beauty and elegance.

A wedding mandap is an auspicious space where a couple takes their pheras together. Little wonder then that it is one of the most important elements of a traditional Indian wedding as it is the focal point for the main ritual. These days, mandaps have gone beyond simple setups as families realize that they are one of the most-photographed spots at a wedding. Wedding decor designers with their pulse on what their clients desire are getting more innovative with mandaps that are resplendent with exotic blooms, chandeliers, all-glass walls and natural elements to create something truly breathtaking. Take a look at our curated list of 20 creative mandaps that will hopefully inspire the design of your own.

1. Parisian Polish
Nothing spells glamor like a Parisian garden-inspired outdoor mandap for outdoor weddings with its flowers-strewn aisle and charming bowers.

Parisian PolishPhoto Courtesy: Matt and Ivy for Ivy Weddings

2. Refreshing Romance
We love this wide white mandap with its profusion of roses on the frames that evoke the aura of romance.

Refreshing RomancePhoto Courtesy: Lin and Jirsa Photography

3. Lush Loveliness
A gorgeous green mandap like this one created with little to no flowers works as a great backdrop because it offers a compelling contrast to the bright colors of an Indian wedding.

Lush LovelinessPhoto Courtesy: Lin and Jirsa Photography

4. Delicately Elegant
This elegant frame is somewhat minimalist but no less memorable with its pristine canvas and intricate friezes that feature pretty motifs.

Delicately ElegantPhoto Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

5. Wonder over Water
This mandap set on a platform over the beach-facing Lotus Pond at JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Phuket, Thailand, overlooks the stunning water views of the sea as well as the canal which reflects the lights at sunset weddings.

Wonder over WaterPhoto Courtesy: Julian Abram Wainwright

6. Outdoor Fairytale
Lavender, soft pink and powder blue were the defining colors of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s mandap which blended well with the rustic surroundings of the 800-year-old Villa Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany, Italy, where they got married.

Outdoor FairytalePhoto Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

7. Bohemian Rhapsody
Mandaps set up in lush, natural environs like forests don’t require too many design elements. This mandap, however, merges boho elements like fairy lights and wreaths beautifully.

Bohemian RhapsodyPhoto Courtesy: Colorblind Productions

8. Classy Glass
This mandap is unique because of its all-glass structure which allows for 360-degree views of the stunning sea and hills behind it, as well as allows natural sunlight to filter in from all sides.

Classy GlassPhoto Courtesy: Lin and Jirsa Photography

9. Blooming Beauty
This mandap studded with exotic blooms, dangling garlands, and candles placed in the backdrop makes for a magical setting that makes for beautiful photos.

Blooming Beauty

10. Sun-kissed Splendor
Swirling twigs prop up a magnificent profusion of yellow blooms and pairs well with the traditional earthen pots and billowing white drapes that are perfect for a charming outdoor wedding ceremony.

Sun-kissed SplendorPhoto Courtesy: Lin and Jirsa Photography

11. Couture Ceilings
These mandaps raise the bar when it comes to handcrafted style as floral, and foliage profusions are painstakingly arranged on the majestic roofs and ceilings of the mandap. The chandeliers add that touch of bling to one of the setups.

Sun-kissed SplendorPhoto Courtesy: Capturing Emotions

12. Whimsical Canopy
Dramatic elements such as chandeliers, meshes of branches and twigs, creepers, vines, and floral garlands add striking character to the mandap.

Whimsical Canop
Whimsical Canop

13. Sculpted Simplicity
Baby’s breath blooms are a staple feature of floral arrangements. In this mandap, they are artistically sculpted to form a minimalist yet compelling mandap setup for the indoor pheras.

Sculpted Simplicity

14. Fragrant Cascade
This circular mandap with multiple ‘mogra’ (jasmine) streamers and marigold touches is an Insta-worthy set up that will get everyone clicking!

Fragrant CascadeDecor: Wedding Tales

15. Domed Delights
Charming floral arrangements shaped like a dome to match the main structure, pastel drapes, and pretty color combinations give this mandap a majestic vibe.

Domed Delights
Domed Delights

Domed Delightse

16. Splendid Contrasts
This mandap is rich with contrasting colors and extravagant touches, from the deep red and pink floral elements to the bright yellow garlands and the oversized golden idol in the backdrop.

Splendid Contrasts

17. Breezy Elegance
This dreamy mandap enhanced with lattice work and floral arrangements pairs beautifully with the breezy vibe of the azure sea and blue skies.

Breezy ElegancePhoto Courtesy: Axioo Bali

18. Glowing Glory
Pretty yellow fairytale lights transform the arches and interiors of this mandap and give it a warm, inviting glow from inside and out.

Glowing Glory

19. Suspended Sensation
The glint of mirror pillars and the exquisite arrangements of flowers coupled with the unusual suspended canopy makes this mandap on the beach a stunning visual highlight of the festivities.

Suspended Sensation

20. Modern Marvel
This pillar-less mandap exudes contemporary appeal with its clean, uncluttered lines and beautifully coordinated floral garlands strung neatly from the ceiling.

Modern MarvelPhoto Courtesy: You by Poonam Kotecha

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