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2021 Indian Wedding Trends – What will weddings look like?

To help you plan and execute your dreamy insta-worthy wedding, we’ve curated a list of top wedding trends for this year.

As the year 2021 arrives at our doorstep, everyone is hopeful for a fresh start which allows them to celebrate without a thought. However, as much as we want this vision to become a reality, COVID-19 continues to persist and will not cease to exist at the stroke of midnight which, in turn, suggests that small weddings will continue throughout spring. But with every cloud comes a silver lining and with the recent breakthrough on the vaccine front, things are perking up again with people gaining the confidence to plan bigger destination weddings to celebrate their love.

And, to help you plan and execute the perfect wedding in the upcoming year, we’ve done the legwork for you by talking to top industry experts and curated a list of top wedding trends for the year 2021:

Go big on the small details
Restrictions may have forced weddings to become more compact but it has also given fuel to creativity. Be it a small or a grand wedding on the cards, this year, it’s time to reinvigorate your focus on the smaller details through personalized experiences and comprehensive decor choices to spur magical moments.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Shades | Wedding Planner & Decor : DreamzKrraft.

Top hotel chains with strong safety protocols will emerge as wedding favorites
Safety has been the foremost on everyone’s mind for the majority of 2020 and it looks like the same will ring true for 2021. As a result, hotel chains that practice stringent safety protocols will enjoy a top spot on the lists of individuals who are planning to enjoy a destination wedding.

2021 Indian Wedding Trends

A practice that should be wholeheartedly embraced for a better future, sustainability, has witnessed a steady rise amongst couples who’re conscious about the impact that their celebrations have on the environment and as a result, have started making wiser choices that are eco-friendly.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: The Third Element Photo Co

Support traditional artisans
Traditional weaves will make a comeback in bridal wardrobes and not just to make a statement but also to support the hardworking local karigars during these trying times. Renowned traditional weaves like the banarasi, kanjeevaram along with a plethora of other traditional embroideries like phulkari are slated to make a strong comeback so that brides can proudly sport their heritage while doing good for the economy.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Sukriti Akriti Neo Phulkari and Gireesh Chalakudy Photography

Nothing multiplies happiness better than sharing. And if you’re looking for a way to give back to the community on your wedding day, create your charity registry on WeddingSutra to allow your guests to contribute to your chosen cause.

2021 Indian Wedding Trends

2021 Indian Wedding Trends

Staycation Weddings
The pandemic has brought about a slump when it comes to travel which, in turn, has reduced the number of destination weddings. However, domestic destinations have swiftly stepped up to the challenge as wedding hosts have turned to five-star hotels in the metros to give their guests a mix of hometown and a destination wedding with a fun-filled ‘Staycation Wedding’.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: DotDusk Studios

Discard the rule book
One of the many things that COVID-19 has taught us is to seize the day and enjoy every moment. The same applies to couples who are most likely to stay true to their own vision and bend the rules as they see fit to make their dream wedding come true in 2021.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Jackson Jame Photography

Space will be a priority
The pandemic is not over yet and keeping the social distancing norms in mind, couples are bound to favor spacious venues where all their loved ones can stay safe while enjoying their union.

2021 Indian Wedding Trends

#GoLocal with decor
This time around, wedding decor will play its part in reviving the local economy. Beautiful and sustainable, locally sourced florals and decor elements are cost-effective and support local businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Altair and The Wedding Toast

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Amaahyaaj

Mood Lighting
With outdoor weddings gathering pace around the world, mood lighting has garnered huge interest amongst couples as well as vendors. Be it vintage-looking edison lights, crystal chandeliers dangling from trees, or an intricate trellis of string lights, mood lighting in every form is bound to be explored in the coming year.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Colorblind Production | Wedding Planner : Marigold By Minal

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

Go big on entertainment
The year 2020 has been spent at home bingeing on Netflix, podcasts, and scrolling on Instagram which has, in turn, left us all desperate for some live entertainment. In 2021, it’s time to delight your guests with live entertainment that features their favorite band, DJs, aerial acts and stand-up comedians while keeping safety in mind by practicing socially distanced seating.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Naman Verma

2021 Indian Wedding Trends

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: House on the clouds | Wedding Planner : Vivaah Weddings | Decor : Fête Events

Joyful color palette
Pastels have been a go-to color palette for many couples, but for 2021, we bet that it’ll be the bold hues that reign supreme. Spurred by a year spent at home dreaming of parties and celebrations, vibrant colors paired with fantastical decor will be the flavor of the season.

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Shades

2021 Indian Wedding TrendsPhoto Courtesy: Justin and Mary Weddings and Naman Verma Photography

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