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50+ unique Diwali gifts that’ll make your loved ones go ‘wow!’

This Diwali, skip the long search for the perfect Diwali gift with this list of brands who create unique and exquisite gifts.

The Festival of Lights is all about doubling the joy by sharing it with our loved ones. And what better way to show your love than giving the ones closest to you luxurious gifts that’ll leave them smitten? This Diwali, take a step back from the ordinary and make a unique statement with your giveaways. Here’s a list of brands to add to your Diwali gift-shopping list right away!

Having perfected the art of luxury living, Ladurée’s inimitable and opulent Gift Boxes and Hampers are specially curated for those that appreciate the finer things in life. Decorated with ribbons and loaded with French delicacies, Ladurée’s exclusive and iconic Hamper boxes, are the perfect gifts this Diwali to add an elegant yet traditional appeal to your gift options. Choose from Ladurée’s signature range of sweet treats, jams, teas, scented candles and macaron selections to curate your own Gift Box or opt for the Specially Curated Festive Range of Hampers.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Ladurée’s collection here

IGP Gifts
Diwali is the time of the year when the excitement levels of people are at their peak with an air of joy around. On this occasion, one does a lot of shopping right from home and living, to sweets and outfits!
This year, IGP, India’s largest online gifting portal brings you a wide range of Deepawali gifts that you can add to your shopping lists. On IGP, you can buy or send Diwali gifts online like Pooja Essentials, Idols (Laxmi and Ganesha), Silver Gifts, Metal Diyas, Lamps and Lanterns and much more.

Diwali GiftsCheck out IGP Gifts collection here

Renowned across the globe for the finest organic dates, luxury gifting and gourmet products, Bateel elevates the art of gifting. With Boutiques in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and fulfilment centres in Bengaluru, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, Bateel’s delectable collections are fully customisable keeping in mind the tastes of individuals you are bestowing gifts on during Diwali. Packed in stunning wooden presentation boxes, ballotins, silver trays, and etageres – their gifts are delicious as well as stylish.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Bateel’s collection here

3003BC Perfumes
An elegantly crafted perfume is a gift that lasts for a long time making it perfect for the special ‘someone’ in your life during Diwali. The use of beautiful and warm Indian notes like pepper champaca, sandalwood, camphor, nagarmotha, to name a few, in 3003BC’s perfumes injects a sense of comfort and familiarity which amplifies the warmth of Diwali.

Diwali GiftsCheck out 3003BC Perfumes collection here

Chalk and Cheese Lifestyle
If edible gifts are too passe for you, explore a collection of luxurious decor and lifestyle products from Chalk n Cheese Lifestyle for some unique, memorable gifts your guests will keep and cherish for a long time. They believe every single gift has a story behind it and is a true reflection of one’s taste, hence, they strive to capture that with custom-made gifts and hampers.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Chalk n Cheese Lifestyle’s collection here

Genda Phool
Genda Phool brings together the long-lived traditional mithai with a vibrant touch of revitalised flavours. With a focus on gifting, their offerings celebrate Indian traditions and folklore. Every creation of theirs comes together into a signature flavour layered with rich texture for a nostalgic indulgence which amplifies the joy during the Festival of Lights.

Diwali Gifts

Diwali GiftsCheck out Genda Phool’s collection here

Studio 13
Aesthetically pleasing with minimalistic traditional designs that carry a dash of color, Studio 13 can be your go-to gifting brand this Diwali with its exquisite range of crockery and candles. Featuring a plethora of designs that can cater to almost every teste, their collection will tempt you to indulge not only your friends but also yourself with some retail therapy this Diwali!

Diwali GiftsCheck out Studio 13‘s collection here

Aarti’s Kitchen
Crafting dry snacks, premium sweets and chocolates, Aarti’s Kitchen empowers women and offers mouth-watering delicacies that one can snack on while gazing at the lights during diwali. A one-stop shop for all your food gifting needs for all occasions and festivals, they work in a highly detailed manner and provide customised solutions they also package gifts according to your specific needs.

Diwali Gifts

Diwali GiftsCheck out Aarti’s Kitchen’s collection here

A manifestation of Suman Agarwal, a celebrated nutritionist’s romance with mithai, Mishtaa gives each sweet a healthy spin along with a distinctive flavour. Paying homage to tradition and crafted for the new-age mithai lover, their collection of sweets contains nutritious ingredients and mindful measures, which in turn, ensures your loved ones don’t run the risk of over-indulgence during the festive season.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Mishtaa collection here

The Wedding Lounge
Curating gifting solutions that exude luxury and creativity, The Wedding Lounge steers you away from the beaten path to come up with gifts that inspire awe during the festive season. They also design and curate wedding hampers with special attention to their immaculate packaging and styling.

Diwali GiftsCheck out The Wedding Lounge’s collection here

Taking pride in their ability to come up with innovative, exotic and unbelievably affordable gifting solutions, Dottedi ensures your loved ones get unforgettable Diwali gifts. Eschewing pre-set packages, Dottedi focuses on crafting unique gifts and hampers that are customised for festive gifting. This year, Dottedi has taken the extra step ahead for Diwali with hampers that’ll are perfect for both traditional as well as modern gifters. From corporate gifts, savory hampers to beer hampers – their selection is endless with same-day delivery in Bangalore and 36 hours in all other cities.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Dottedi’s collection here

Paul & Mike Chocolates
It just doesn’t get better than gifting world-class, fine chocolates during Diwali! Unlike conventional chocolatiers, Paul And Mike Chocolates focus on farming and fermentation of cocoa for the most superlative taste, combining it with unrefined muscovado sugar and exotic inclusions like Sitaphal, Jamun, Bulgarian Rose, and Sichuan Pepper.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Paul & Mike Chocolates’s collection here

Pure Soap Bar
Retaining the simplicity of the ever-so-simple bar of soap while amplifying its skin-beneficial qualities, Pure Soap Bars are stylish and aesthetically crafted, which in turn, makes you stand out amongst the usual gifts that one receives during Diwali. Luxurious, hand-made and poured, these soaps are designed to inspire wellness amidst today’s ever-increasingly polluted environment.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Pure Soap Bar’s collection here

AAA Gourmet Foods
With a wide range of pocket-friendly hampers with interesting food products to choose from AAA Gourmet Foods creates hampers that contain delectable treats. From basic 2 Jar, 3 Jar Hampers, 8” box hampers, 8” cylinder hampers, 10” box hampers their packaging is stylish and decorated with exotic flowers. For Diwali hampers, they require two weeks before dispatch.

Diwali GiftsCheck out AAA Gourmet Foods’s collection here

Puneet Gupta Fine Crafted Goods
Quirky, colourful yet traditional, Puneet Gupta Fine Crafted Goods’ collection of Diwali gifts will take your breath away with its artistic flair. Depicting an adorable picture of Lord Ganesha, this collection included ladoo boxes, dry fruit potlis, an aarti thali along with many other beautiful creations.

Check out Puneet Gupta Fine Crafted Goods’s collection here

Morning Fresh
A hangover during the festive season can be a mood dampener. However, with Morning Fresh you can help your loved ones bid goodbye to those dozy mornings after a night of revelry. Designed to improve hydration, protect the liver and reduce hangovers after a fun night out they come in easy-to-carry 60ml bottles and sachet’s in multiple delicious flavours like Orange, Lime, Cola, Mint & Strawberry.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Morning Fresh’s collection here

WeddingSutra Shop
Take your pick from a variety of luxurious items that cater to every personality. With gifts that range from Kashmiri spice sets to festive tea box sets that put you at peace, the WeddingSutra Shop leaves the shopper spoilt for choice with its sheer variety.

Diwali GiftsCheck out WeddingSutra Shop’s collection here

Shaadi Ka Ladoo
There’s nothing like reliving the old nostalgic flavors of India while celebrating Diwali. Offering a sumptuous collection of traditional ladoos and other treats with a premium, modern twist Shaadi Ka Ladoo makes the perfect gift for your friends who love indulging their sweet tooth.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Shaadi Ka Ladoo’s collection here

Bringing you an alluring spread of all-natural bath, body, and skincare essentials with captivating fragrances Kimirica’s creations enchants the senses from the very first use. Offering heady relaxation and rejuvenation, their range of products refreshes the senses after the Diwali revelries.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Kimirica’s collection here

Good Earth
A brand that emphasizes purity, sustainability, and handcrafted designs in all their products, Pure Earth traverses across Asia for inspiration which is, in turn, reflected in their final product. From charming card boxes to stylish poker sets, their shop is replete with thoughtful gifts that you can give your loved ones this Diwali.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Good Earth’s collection here

Just Herbs
A brand that offers ayurvedic products that are pure and bespoke, Just Herbs carries a plethora of skincare, haircare, and makeup products that’ll leave one spoilt for choice. However, all thanks to the festive season, their thoughtfully chosen gift sets like a winter care box or the versatile Diwali bath combo set offer the best of everything in a beautiful package.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Just Herbs’ collection here

Bombay Shaving Company
A brand that has been a go-to amongst men who prefer a bearded look, The Bombay Shaving Company has grown into a full-fledged skincare brand that has a variety of natural skin care products in their roster. So, if you’re looking for a Diwali gift that’ll blow your male friends’ minds, then their charcoal mask and hair nourish gift combos are your answer.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Bombay Shaving Company’s collection here

Diwali with Marriot
A collection of artisanal hampers that celebrate the Festival of Lights with its luxurious delicacies, Diwali with Marriot gift boxes are handcrafted to perfection by Marriott’s skilled chefs. Right from their elegant gold and red festive packaging to the unique festive basket hampers, everything here spells Diwali giving you no room to go wrong.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Diwali with Marriott’s collection here

Bath & Body Works
For years, Bath & Body Works has been a go-to place for people who love to indulge themselves with variety when it comes to bath and fragrance products, And this Diwali, their offering of combo sets that carry their all-time favorite products is bound to be a hit amongst your friends.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Bath & Body Works’ collection here

When it comes to products that effortlessly merge traditional and contemporary designs, Fabindia leads the charge. And with their thoughtful and unique collection of gifts, like, brass fumers and gold plated votives, one is bound to find something exquisite to add to their gift shopping list.

Diwali GiftsCheck out FabIndia’s collection here

Raw Nature
Harnessing the finest ingredients that nature has to offer, Raw Nature’s products are gentle and are either 100% natural, naturally derived, vegan or certified safe-to-use by EcoCert. Their Diwali combo sets especially make a perfect gift as they let the user enjoy naturally driven pamper sessions post the festivities.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Raw Nature’s collection here

Payal Singhal
Giving traditional wear an unconventional and highly contemporary twist, Payal Singhal uses her minimalistic aesthetic to create designs that are not just a treat for the eyes but also comfortable to wear. And, if you have a fashionista on your list of loved ones, a gift from Payal Singhal’s collection of accessories will instantly add brownie points to your name!

Diwali GiftsCheck out Payal Singhal’s collection here

Combining luxury with contemporary sleek silhouettes, Shaze blazes a trail ahead with its unique collection of gifts that go far behind the festive season. And, if you’re in the mood to splurge on your loved ones this Diwali, you’ll be spoilt for choice with their collection of gifting products that range from intricate accessories, stylish tea sets and eclectic bakeware!

Diwali GiftsCheck out Shaze’s collection here

Tea Box
Offering a collection of the freshest teas sourced from India and Nepal, Tea Box’s catalog features a wide selection of single-origin teas from over 150 tea gardens across Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra, the Nilgiris, and Nepal. And when it comes to Diwali gifting, their assortment of tea combo boxes with their vibrant packaging is an instant hit.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Tea Box’s collection here

Beyond Square
Replete with traditional designs that celebrate the finesse of Indian craftsmanship, Beyond Square is perfect for those who wish to go desi during the Diwali celebrations. Offering a host of traditionally inspired decor accessories like pichwai paintings and highly detailed idols, their gifting collection is a celebration of the Indian culture.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Beyond Square’s collection here

Vanilla Miel
A perfect option for the foodies on your friend list, Vanilla Miel, a pâtisserie and chocolaterie is highly inspired by art which, in turn, is reflected in their products. Their hampers include some of the most delicious treats like crumbly shortbreads and gooey brownies that will indulge your loved ones’ tastebuds.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Vanilla Miel’s collection here

The Petal Artisan
As the name suggests, The Petal Artisan is renowned for its expertise at crafting floral decor which is also incorporated in their gift hampers. Adorned with vibrant blooms that are accentuated by metallic elements their hampers are not only beautiful to behold but also indulge those with an insatiable sweet tooth.

Diwali GiftsCheck out The Petal Artisan’s collection here

Nothing promotes the festive spirit of Diwali better than diyas! And with Atah’s ‘Diwali special diyas’ that boasts of a simple, aesthetically pleasing designs, one can easily go contemporary without completely discarding traditions.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Atah’s collection here

Kavya Creations
Offering a variety of gifting solutions for every occasion, Kavya Creations is a gifting paradise for those who are always in a dilemma when it comes to buying presents. Furthermore, their range of tea lights, created especially for Diwali, has enough variety to make each of your loved ones feel unique and special.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Kavya Creations’ collection here

Preciosa Desserts
Crafting guilt-free, mouthwatering desserts that’ll have everyone craving a second helping, Preciosa Desserts is your pick if you have a group of friends in possession of a sweet tooth. Safe to say, their gulab jamun cakes and chocolatey cakes will make your Diwali gifts a sought-after possession.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Preciosa Desserts’ collection here

Handcrafted and exuding elegance with their artful use of colorful blooms, Pitara is the answer for new age gifters who admire the fusion of contemporary styles with ethnic motifs. Consisting of reflective cases and convenient yet stylish gold platters, their Diwali gifting collection is a treat for the eyes.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Pitara’s collection here

Kama Ayurveda
Using the handpicked ayurvedic ingredients that are well known for their healing qualities and offering them in alluring packages, Kama Ayurveda’s products exudes luxury. Safe to say, their ‘radiance’ and ‘pure indulgence’ box are bound to make a statement.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Kama Ayurveda’s collection here

Brio Art House
With an exquisite collection of handmade and nature-inspired art-pieces, along with a curated range of home linen, decor, kitchenware, and furniture, Brio Art House’s collection has something for almost everyone. Their carved bookends and wall plates are perfect for a friend who loves home decor.

Diwali GiftsCheck out Brio Art House’s collection here

Looking for more gifting inspiration? Check out our favourite gift makers here!

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