Some will agree that saying “Yes!” to a partner's proposal is easier than fixing a date for the wedding that suits everyone. Marriage celebrations come with a fair share of important pre-wedding decisions and closing on a day when the stars align favorably with all other events and plans can be quite a challenge. Therefore, it is never too soon to start the preparations for engaged couples and their families.

Keeping in mind those who are ready to tie the knot as per the Hindu traditions, here is a shortlist of the most auspicious days in 2020. Mark down these super special dates, start calling venues and make a timeline or countdown checklist for things like finalizing wedding ensembles and booking makeup experts.

While WeddingSutra maintains a neutral stance on selecting a wedding day based on astrological predictions, we do respect every individual’s choices and their family's inclinations for traditional customs. We believe that any day that is filled with love makes for a perfect day to embark on this new journey of love as a married duo.

Weekdays: 15th (Wednesday), 16th (Thursday), 17th (Friday), 20th (Monday), 29th (Wednesday), 30th (Thursday), 31st (Friday)
Weekends: 18th (Saturday)

Weekdays: 3rd (Monday), 10th (Monday), 11th (Tuesday), 12th (Wednesday), 18th (Tuesday), 25th (Tuesday), 26th (Wednesday), 27th (Thursday)
Weekends: 9th (Sunday), 16th February (Sunday)

Weekdays: 2nd (Monday), 3rd (Tuesday), 4th (Wednesday), 11th (Wednesday), 12th (Thursday)
Weekends: 08th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 14th (Tuesday), 15th (Wednesday)
Weekends: 25th (Saturday), 26th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 4th (Monday), 5th (Tuesday), 6th (Wednesday), 8th (Friday), 12th (Tuesday), 18th (Monday) 19th (Tuesday)
Weekends: 2nd (Saturday), 10th (Sunday), 17th (Sunday), 23rd (Saturday), 24th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 9th (Tuesday),15th (Monday),25th (Thursday), 26th (Friday)
Weekends: 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday), 28th (Sunday)

Weekdays: 25th (Wednesday), 30th (Monday)

Weekdays: 1st (Tuesday), 7th (Monday), 8th (Tuesday), 9th (Wednesday), 11th (Friday)

Dates sourced from https://www.drikpanchang.com/

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