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Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2019

Planning to tie the knot this year? We’ve got a list of dates on which you can say ’I do’!

You’ve fixed on who to marry. What style of wedding you’d like. Where you’d love to get married. But the most important ‘w’ in a wedding in When!

You’ll have a wish list of time periods – some sentiment, some convenience – and if you think getting the stars in alignment is tricky, try matching peoples’ schedules.

However, if you are getting married within the Hindu tradition, 2019 has your back (and your calendar). Not only is the year dotted with auspicious days on the Hindu calendar, the truly delightful piece of news is that every month has at least one muhurat that falls on the weekend! So whether you were hoping for a weekend destination wedding or concerned about the convenience of your guests reaching home late at night after your functions, you will find the perfect date to wed!

Best Wedding dates for 2019

WeddingSutra of course does maintain a neutral stance on selecting a wedding day based on predictions. But we respect all cultural choices and know that usually, elder family members hold these religious priorities dear. Also, as far as auspicious dates are concerned, we are absolutely certain that any date that celebrates love is sure to fill lives with good luck and prosperity!

Keeping that in mine, this is something you may find handy.

Weekdays: 15th (Tuesday), 17th (Thursday), 18th (Friday), 22nd (Tuesday), 23rd (Wednesday), 25th (Friday), 29th (Tuesday), 30th (Wednesday).
Weekend: 26th (Saturday), 27th (Sunday).

Weekdays: 5th (Tuesday), 6th (Wednesday), 8th (Friday), 14th (Thursday), 19th (Tuesday), 20th (Wednesday), 21st (Thursday), 22nd (Friday).
Weekend: 9th (Saturday), 10th (Sunday).

Weekdays: 3rd (March), 7th (Thursday), 8th (Friday), 10th (March), 12th (Tuesday).
Weekend: 9th (Saturday).

Weekdays: 15th (Monday), 16th (Tuesday), 17th (Wednesday), 18th (Thursday), 19th (Friday), 22nd (Monday), 26th (Friday).
Weekend: 20th (Saturday), 27th (Saturday), 28th (Sunday).

Weekday: 6th (Monday), 7th (Tuesday), 12th (Sunday), 13th (Monday), 16th (Thursday), 17th (Friday), 23rd (Thursday), 24th (Friday), 28th (Tuesday), 29th (Wednesday), 30th (Thursday), 31st (Friday).
Weekend: 18th (Saturday), 19th (Sunday), 25th (Saturday).

Weekday: Weekdays: 10th (Monday), 11th (Tuesday), 12th (Wednesday), 25th (Tuesday), 27th (Thursday), 28th (Friday).
Weekend: 8th (Saturday), 9th (Sunday), 16th (Sunday).

Weekdays: 8th (Monday), 9th (Tuesday), 10th (Wednesday), 11th (Thursday).
Weekends: 6th(Saturday), 7th(Sunday).

Weekdays: 11th (Monday), 13th (Wednesday), 14th (Thursday), 19th (Thursday), 20th (Wednesday), 21st (Thursday), 22nd (Friday), 28th (Thursday), 29th (Friday).
Weekend: 9th (Saturday), 10th (Sunday), 23rd (Saturday), 30th (Saturday).

Weekdays: 2nd (Monday), 3rd (Tuesday), 10th (Tuesday), 11th (Wednesday), 12th (Thursday).
Weekend: 1st (Sunday), 7th (Saturday), 8th (Sunday).

Dates sourced from www.astrosage.com

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