If you’re looking for a very special wedding gift or wondering how you can add a personal touch to your wedding favors – make your mark with the Johnnie Walker range of blended scotch whiskey gifts, engraved with something characteristically, inimitably you, this festive season. The best part is whether you want to personalize your go-to Johnnie Walker bottle or create a buzz when you create a ‘set’ for your gang and their favorite blend – the bespoke message is engraved at no extra cost.

The Ultimate Gift

It’s simple. All you need to do is buy your favorite Johnnie Walker blend from anywhere around the world and send the bottle to Johnnie Walker, letting them know what words you’d like engraved. You could also purchase your chosen blend on the Johnnie Walker official website and type in the custom message you want as you pay and check-out.

The best part is, the message can be up to 45 characters on a Blue Label and Double Black Lable bottle and 15 characters maximum on Black Label, Gold Label Reserve and Platinum Label bottles in English, Hindi and more!

The Ultimate Gift

Engraved whiskey bottles are the perfect gift for many occasions. Whether you want to toast a newly married couple, send a token of respect to an elder or someone in authority, show someone you love them or simply wish a friend a happy birthday or anniversary – a bottle of the finest blends will bring warm cheer, the engraving will be a fond reminder of your good wishes each time the bottle is opened and the bottle itself will become a keepsake long after its contents have been relished.

You’ll have to come up with a wonderful message yourself but here's a little help with selecting the perfect blend for your friends and family based on their personal tastes.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Fragrance: A strong sweet, elegant, rich and intense flavor that rewards those who take the time to savor it
Taste: The Johnnie Walker Platinum label has a fruity bouquet with a slight astringency and subtle smokiness – taste and inhale the aromas of stewed fruit, malty cereal, creamy vanilla, fragrant almonds, and tangerines.

The Ultimate Gift

Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Fragrance: A Johnnie Walker signature flavor mixed with raisin sweetness
Taste: A velvety texture that explodes with a bouquet of hazelnut, honey, rose petals, sherry, oranges, sandalwood and dark chocolate and then finishes with a uniquely long-lasting, satisfying taste of smoke, pepper and a glorious touch of spice.

The Ultimate Gift

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve
Fragrance: Honey, vanilla cream, sherry infused dried fruit and notes of biscuits.
Taste: A luxuriously smooth, creamy texture, with lingering tones of honey, wood, fruit and sweet smoke. This multi-layered blend evokes warm, deep tastes.

The Ultimate Gift

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label
Fragrance: Fairly light but unctuous with dry oak, honey, and smoke.
Taste: Rolling gloriously off the tongue, the tastes flicker from sweet smoke and floral honey to charred oak and woody spice.

The Ultimate Gift

Johnnie Walker Black Label
Fragrance: Rich dried fruit from the European oak sherry casks.
Taste: A smooth, creamy toffee lingers at the tip of your tongue but the aftertaste is one of a sophisticated, smoky finish.

The Ultimate Gift

Made your Johnnie Walker pick? Contact +91920209780 to get your newest Johnnie Walker whiskey bottle custom engraved within 7-10 business working days.

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