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Food Pairing Trends for Wedding Cocktails

Unique food pairing ideas for your cocktail, sangeet and reception parties.

You’re already planning a sangeet, cocktail or reception that’s creative and fun. And if the cool bar set-up you have planned is going to be the buzzing hub of the bash, why not say goodbye to long, stuffy buffet queues and formally plated munchies and embrace the small-plate, finger-food, inventive food pairings that are on-trend around the world?

We have some suggestions that are guaranteed to have your guests say cheers!

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Whiskey with Kebabs
It’s the Indian classic – succulent kebabs, fluffy naans and a shot of liquid gold. If you’re serving Johnnie Walker blends at your wedding, get the caterers to whip up mini-kebab-and-naan rolls – the combination of hot, bold flavours will impress all the whiskey-drinkers and it’ll be a hit on the rocks!

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Kebabs And Whiskey

Martinis and Sushi
A dry martini, clean on the tongue will be perfectly complemented by the umami essence of a sushi platter. Whether you choose shrimp and salmon or avocado and tofu, guests can pick their favourite rolls as they sip on their martinis.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Bill Sushi

Manhattan with Crostini
Make your Manhattans with Johnnie Walker’s Black Label and send some couture crostinis around on a silver platter. Choose bold flavours again – mushroom and blue cheese on crisp, garlicky toast with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and add a chicken option for non-vegetarians.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Running to the kitchen

Caprioska with Papri Chaat
Nothing says ‘party’ like the desi paapri chaat. Now get those tastebuds tingling by pairing the fresh herb and zingy relish of the chaat with the crisp mint infused Ciroc Caprioska. Guests will love the pairing and will be talking about your cool cross-cultural skills for days later.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Gourmet Traveller and Food and Travel

Margaritas and Mini Tacos
You may want to dance the Mexican Hat when you see how perfect this combination is. They speak the same language – tequila infused margaritas and crunchy, flavourful tacos. Send them up and down the bar with the margarita pitchers.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Pinterest

Paloma and Nachos
Tequila based cocktails and nachos are young, fun and a great way to get the party going! Whether your guests ar doing Don Julio shots straight from the bottle or enjoying their cocktails at the bar, these tiny mouthfuls will keep the Paloma lovers grinning through the evening.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Coffee & Quinoa and The Recipe Rebel

Whiskey Collins with French Fries
You can’t go wrong with French fries. Salted, golden, crisp on the out and meltingly soft on the inside, these are the perfect pairing with a lemony-sweet Whiskey Collins made with Johnnie Walker Black Label blended scotch.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Camera Crew and Pinterest

Bombay Emerald with Samosas
Bring the colours of the topics, the heat and the fire by pairing the luscious green of the Bombay Emerald with tiny, hot, spicy samosas served with a luxurious mango chutney at your cocktail party.


Bloody Mary and Tandoori Fish Tikka
Another flavour bomb! The wholesome, spicy Bloody Mary is best created with a Smirnoff Classic Vodka and the tomato juice base is the perfect accompaniment to a sizzling, buttery fish tandoori, served in tiny bites.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Jamie oliver and Must Gaze

Sazerac with Desserts
The Sazerac is a classic spiced whiskey cocktail made with Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The deep, warm flavours are best enhanced by vanilla or chocolate. So send around tiny, moreish chocolate and truffle tarts or small vanilla sponges for guests to nibble on as they relish their Sazerac.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Maison Premiere Sazerac and love and olive oil

Red Wine Sangria with Thai Chicken Skewers
Sweet, fruity and exotic – the sangria is wonderful for both day and evening parties. Pair large punch bowls or pitchers full of this almost-healthy-tasting ‘juice’ with platters full of hot, green Thai Chicken Skewers.

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – Chef Savvy and Rasa Malaysia

Whiskey Sour with Creme Brulee
Surprise and delight your guests when you show them how their Johnnie Walker Gold Label Whiskey Sour finds its perfect match in a versatile, cinnamon infused Crème Brulée, served in tiny individual ramekins. No sharing!

CocktailsPhoto Courtesy – The Versatile Gent and The Kitchen is my Playground

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