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Give your wedding a digital spin! Here are our favorite e-invites that’ll leave you inspired

High on creativity and impact, these e-invites are bound to mesmerize your guests from the first glance itself.

Convenient and sustainable, e-invites have gained steady momentum in today’s digital age. Available in a variety of designs that appeal to every aesthetic, e-invites are extremely versatile, especially, when you’re short on time and are functioning on a budget. To help you make the best choice that reflects your individual personalities, we’ve done the legwork for you and listed down our favorite e-invite designers who’ll blow your mind away with their eye-catching creativity.

Vibrant Illustrations
Exquisitely illustrating each function’s invite in vivid hues and relevant design elements, this e-invite designed by Pink Whistle Man, portrayed Neharika and Nikhil’s love story all the way from Mexico to Emerald City.

Doorway to Happiness
Featuring an elegantly carved doorway flanked by vivid florals, this digital invite crafted by the Undiscovered Design Studio uses bright hues to indicate each event of the couple’s nuptials and uses elegant gold-hued cursive text to convey the message.

Traditional Treat
Using complementary color schemes punctuated with traditional motifs this animated e-invite designed by Turmeric Ink entices the receiver with its contemporary almost Bollywood-like take on the different wedding ceremonies.

Playfully pink
Funny yet elegant, this invite by Radhika Pitti Studio uses customized illustrations to express the couple’s personalities. Set against a pink backdrop and animated, this invite catches the eye instantly.

Classical grandeur
Brimming with Indian elements and graceful animations that mesmerize the eyes, this e-invite designed by Izhaar by Core Designs promises a grand celebration that’s true to its South Indian roots. Using traditional illustrations that remind one of the bygone days and a sparkling yellow backdrop, this invite is also accompanied by a peaceful soundtrack punctuated by dhols and flute.

Sparkling Elegance
Replete with smooth animations that also features a dancing couple, this video invite designed by Puneet Gupta Invitations for Havisha and Vedang is a visual treat with its artful use of gold and red hues against a dark backdrop.

Pottermania Perfection
A magical invite by Radhika Pitti Studios that’s bound to induce sighs of pleasure amongst ‘Potterheads’ with its bold red and gold Gryffindor hues, this e-invite also features a Deathly Hallows inspired monogram and a sparkling elder wand animation with the bride and groom’s names.

Giving ‘follow me’ a desi twist
Fusing desi, as well as contemporary elements against a variety of backdrops, this e-invite by the Pink Whistle man, is the epitome of new-age romance as it draws inspiration from the ‘follow me’ trend and showcases the groom being led by the bride to their wedding functions.

Ivory Majesty
Following a stunning palace theme that flaunts every architectural detail, this e-invite by Turmeric Ink plays with elegant ivory and gold hues with peppy animations. Accompanied by the soulful tunes Chaudhary by Amit Trivedi and Mame Khan, this invite is a true desi delight.

Sleek and simple
Clean, minimalistic, and accentuated by a yellow marigold illustration that adds a pop of punchy color, this virtual wedding invite designed from Hieco by Simran Monga is a treat for the eyes with its soothing, earthy colors.

Subtly South Indian
Using a pink, white, and gold color palette that matched the couple’s wedding decor, this e-invite designed by Tilt balances modern and traditional aesthetics beautifully. With artfully placed South Indian elements flanking the to-be bride and groom’s picture, it exudes simplicity and elegance.

Celebrate your big day with an invite that resonates with your persona. Find that perfect designer for you right here!

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