You learn it from film scores, fairground entertainment and the stereo in your car on long drives – music creates mood and that’s why the song, ‘Last night a DJ saved my life’ is truth! The right DJ will get your guests grooving to everything from retro nostalgia to tomorrow’s EDM for a night to remember.

Here are five tips to help you choose the DJ who will set fire to the dancefloor.

1. Research
Get to know the discography of the best DJs available and match them to your functions. Do they suit your tastes? Will they listen to your preferences? That done, review their websites, referrals and testimonials and social media to get a detailed profile. Don’t forget to look at their equipment and the genre of music they usually work with. Mumbai based DJ Alex who has been wowing audiences for a decade and a half advises, “Apart from face value and social media, remember, word-of-mouth from friends and family is also important. It is the ultimate affirmation of the artist.”

How to book a DJ for your wedding

2. Consider your budget and the licensing regulations
It’s easy to get swayed by the spanking new entertainment tech on offer so keep an eye on your budget. DJ Alex says, “It depends on the scale of the wedding. Extra elements associated with DJs – setups, genres, additional services are par for the course. You also need to factor in licenses, regulatory services and even the venue that plays a huge role in the procuring of entertainment licenses. The bigger the venue, the higher the license cost.” While it is usual to appoint a DJ for the cocktail and reception, some like to have a DJ present right through the wedding celebrations. So prioritization is key. Also, depending on the popularity of the DJ and the addons he provides, the advance amount varies and can be negotiable too at times. It is always nicer to have a transparent attitude while discussing advance fees and other bookings as early as possible.

How to book a DJ for your wedding

3. Get a sound demo
Background research over, you need to get to know your artist in person. Set up an informal meeting and trade preferred playlists so you can know each others’ tastes in genre and tempo. This step is also crucial in deciding the various music themes for each function. Always ask for customizable package that includes live song requests that he can play. If you can, get a sound demo as well to avoid any last minute technical hassles. Also, it is imperative to know about the hours he will play at each function for a thorough know how of the music for every event.

How to book a DJ for your wedding

4. Customization is key
Many disc jockeys offer lighting and special equipment to enhance the party. Ask for these services and if you like, also ask for a karaoke machine, guest requests, setup and décor details. Let the DJ know if your functions have individual themes so he can generate special playlists for each event and organize the setup accordingly. Also, do ask him about his specialty and if he can also host an event. Many DJ’s make for an amazing emcee, therefore it is crucial to confirm it with him beforehand so that he can customize the package accordingly.

How to book a DJ for your wedding

How to book a DJ for your wedding

5. Book them fast
Entertainment does play a huge role in weddings; therefore it is advisable that you book a DJ atleast six months in advance.Talk to the one’s you've shortlisted about your schedule and follow them on social media so you can not only keep a track of the kind of weddings they perform at, but also know of their availability.

How to book a DJ for your wedding

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If you are a wedding DJ and would like to showcase your talent, please email us at advertising@weddingsutra.com and get ready to set fire to many more dancefloors.

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