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Looking for wedding invitation inspiration? Turmeric Ink’s innovative digital invites will leave your guests in awe!

Fusing hi-tech visual effects with Indian motifs, Turmeric Ink has perfected the art of digital wedding invitations.

Gone are the days when wedding invitations forwarded on Whatsapp or on the email used to be a static poster. Today, video reigns supreme and keeping that in mind, digital wedding invitations have undergone a major change with animation and smooth transitions that mesmerise the eyes. And, spurring ahead with their creativity and willingness to experiment is Turmeric Ink – a design company that fuses indigenous designs with contemporary style to create one-of-a-kind wedding invites. Their careful fusing of beloved traditional Indian motifs with modern elements has resonated strongly with new-age couples. This, in turn, has led Turmeric Ink to win many accoladed one of them being the prestigious Platinum Award at the WeddingSutra Influencer Awards 2021 & 2022.

True to its innovative and dynamic values Turmeric Ink is poised to take a new plunge into the digital world as it has launched its website where couples can easily scroll through designs and derive inspiration to create their own personalised digital wedding invite. From a gallery filled with their best work to an extremely helpful FAQ section where couples can troubleshoot their doubts, this website is user-friendly and highly informative. And, to give you a taste of what to expect before you head to their website, we’ve curated a collection of Turmeric Ink’s most awe-inspiring work to give your inspiration levels a serious spike!

3-D Animation Invitations for a highly personalised experience
Using a palette of soothing hues which are accentuated by a dash of gold, this invite named ‘Mehraab’ showcases arches and aangans rendered in intricately cut paper pop-ups.

A custom-designed invitation, this invite showcases a fantastical palace inspired by the venue – Umaid Bhawan Palace and the ultimate symbol of love – the Taj Mahal.

Harnessing the powers of layering with Parallax Animated Invitations
Resembling a Rajasthani miniature painting this templated invite features the joyous welcome of a baraat replete with dancers, musicians, horses, and elephants.

Illustrated by Roshan, a renowned artist, in his iconic palette of indigo, pink and yellow – this invite takes one through the corridors of nostalgia to experience simpler times.

Depicting the famous Shalimar Bagh in a contemporary style, this invitation uses soft pastel colours and botanical elements in a Mughal miniature form which gives truly adorable results!

Simple yet catchy, 2-D animated wedding invitations will unleash your artistic side
Featuring quirky and relatable lines that are set against elegant wild-flower motifs that matched the ones on the bride’s lehenga, this invite by Turmeric Ink is perfect for the new-age couple.

Giving the ever-elegant Kalamkari art a modern twist, this digital invite with its colorful floral designs against a rich purple backdrop is a vivid treat for the eyes.

To design a customised wedding invite that echoes your tastes click here.

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