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Lush Foliage Mandaps Set to Steal the Show in 2019

Move over drapes and chandeliers – this year, mandap decor is all about exotic flowers and foliage.

Mandaps are a key feature of traditional Indian weddings, and many Christian weddings also see couples exchange their vows under a beautiful structure, especially at outdoor, beach and destination weddings. While flowers have always been a part of mandap decor, wedding decorators today are pushing the envelope when it comes to the designs, colors, shapes, and scale of structures incorporating mainly natural elements in unique and interesting ways.

Lure of Lavender
This minimal mandap looks elegant and enchanting. Prominent pink and lavender flowers like roses alongside lush fronds and ferns cover the pillars of the mandap in a twisting design. The bare canopy offers a stark contrast to the floral arrangements, thus making this mandap an eye-catching highlight of this outdoor wedding with the monotone grey sea in the backdrop.

Outdoor Wedding Mandap by Krish Events

Wedding Planner:  Krish Events

Frosty & Fabulous
Apt for an indoor wedding, this mandap has a canopy of snow white flowers which results in a frosty look that is warmed by the sight of greens peeking through. The minimalist pillars mirror the green and white floral arrangements at their bases which ties the whole look together beautifully.

Indoor Wedding Mandap with Canopy of Snow White Flowers

Wedding Planner: Eventz N Trendz
Décor: Poru Weddings

Enchanting Forest
Lush green fronds interspersed with lilies, orchids and gypsophila blooms blend to form a mesmerizing mandap like this one. It seems to be inspired by a dense forest and looks truly bewitching when it is lit from within for the evening pheras.

Outdoor Wedding Mandap with lilies, orchids and gypsophila blooms

Wedding Planner: Aditya Motwane (MEW)
Décor and Design: Vandana Mohan (The Wedding Design Company)

Floral Cupola
A cupola (rounded dome) mandap like this one is impressive as it veers away from the traditional square or rectangular mandap setups. Decorated with a profusion of pink blooms fixed inside a swathe of green foliage, it is ideal for outdoor pheras where space is not an issue. We love the pretty pink floral chandelier which makes for a charming highlight.

Outdoor Wedding Mandap with a Cupola (Rounded dome)

Wedding Planner: The Wedding Line Studio, Delhi

Compelling Contrasts
Yellow, light orange and green form the trio of colors used in this minimalist mandap that is lit by the sun’s rays. The stark background of Oman’s brown mountains that face the pheras venue offers a compelling contrast to this verdant, vibrant mandap.

Outdoor Wedding Mandap against Oman’s brown mountains

Wedding PlannerThe Wedding Designers

Nuances of Narnia
With gypsophila flowers exuding a frosty effect, this mandap is perfect for winter-themed weddings. Staying true to the elegant vibe of the occasion, the exquisite arrangements of white and pink blooms bordering the sides of the structure canopy create a magical effect. The pillars flanked by a mesh of intricate arched designs adds a touch of delicate beauty.

Winter Themed Wedding Mandap with gypsophila flowers

Wedding Planner: Eventures Asia
Décor: Butterfly Events Styling Bali

Beautifully Bohemian
Twigs and vines curving over the delicate pillars of this structure, linen drapes, and whimsical floral arrangements create an alluring look. The breezy and bohemian feel of this setup makes it a great choice for an outdoor exchange of vows ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding Mandap with Bohemian Decor

Wedding Planner: Magnificence Events
Décor: Peera Pach

Summer Sensation
Keeping it simple yet elegant, this mandap design lets the flowers do all the talking and is apt for couples who prefer minimal decor. It frames the sea behind in an enchanting way, and the simple white stage erected on the warm, golden beach adds to this structure’s overall appeal.

Beach Wedding Mandap Decor

Wedding Planner: Reynold Weddings

Designer Dome
A highlight of this mandap is the gorgeous dome bordered by pink and white blooms that hangs above the pheras spot. This spectacular mandap can also be adorned with lush fronds and decked with crystal hangings for a look that is natural and elegant.

Beach Wedding Mandap with dome bordered by pink and white blooms

Wedding Planner: Innaz Communique 
Décor: Dina Touwani, Flora Lines and Danny Dinani, Dandit Inc

Tropical Wilderness
Exuding the feel of a tropical rainforest, this mandap has pillars covered with dense foliage, twigs, and flowers. The appearance of lotus pads floating on the waters below the structure just adds to the overall lush vibe of the structure where it seems nature is in harmony with the design.

Tropical Rainforest Themed Wedding Mandap

Decor and Design by: Floral Hut 

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