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Raising a toast with the Bride’s Signature Cocktail

We clinked glasses with a few brides-to-be and asked them about their signature cocktails

Making sure your guests are in high spirits at your celebrations is your main focus while planning your wedding. And what could be more fun that when you have to do it literally? It’s always a great idea to include a signature drink to be the star at the bar – something you love and that has a personal story behind the concoction. We clinked glasses with a few brides-to-be and asked them what their favourite cocktails were and how they were planning to present them as a signature drink at their wedding.

Bride to be: Gurleen Gupta

Favorite Cocktail: Mojito
I adore cocktails like the pineapple-rum tea punch, grapefruit mimosas and rhubarb raspberry fizz. I prefer them uncomplicated; sometimes the simple ways are the best. My favourite cocktail is the classic Mojito made perfectly. It’s refreshing, crisp with muddled mint which leaves a gorgeous aftertaste and is an exotic tropical trip in a glass.

Why I love it: My fiancé and I are planning to honeymoon in either Bora Bora or Baros Island in the Maldives for our honeymoon and the anticipation serves as a catalyst in increasing my love for this classic cocktail.

Bride to be : Dhwani Shah

Favourite cocktail: I love a Red Wine Sangria – it’s a fun, fruity cocktail that’s my go-to anytime of the day or night.

Why I love it: My first trip ever with my fiancé and his friends was to Spain! I was only just getting to know everyone and pitcher after pitcher of delicious Spanish sangrias helped us all get along just fine!

Bride to be: Aditi Bagri

Favourite Cocktail: The luxurious elegance of a Bellini, served in a champagne flute with a cherry on top.

Why I love it: We’re a girl gang of three – Maithili , Priyanjali and Aditi – and the Bellini always reminds me of a time we decided to go to brunch. We ended up drinking Bellinis till midnight at the Dome, Intercontinental, having really intense conversations about the future. It was definitely one of the craziest days I’ve ever had!

Bride to be : Ratna Patel

Favourite cocktail: the urban sophistication of the Soho Martini with it’s vanilla accent.

Why I love it: Our love story actually began in Soho! And the Soho Martini will always be special for me because I ordered it for the very first time while meeting the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with now.

Bride to be: Himadri Karani

Favourite cocktail: Vodka Raspberry Lemonade – this is tall glass of flavour and fun with a special Saturday night twist.

Why I love it: Well, I love raspberries. As far as stories go, when I met Ansh, my fiancé, I used to drink whisky and he vodka. Six years later, he drinks whisky and he introduced me to the vodka-soda. This cocktail is light and so more-ish with its mix of lemon and fruit, not too sweet, not too bitter. And I really love how pretty in pink it is, from the bubbly lemonade and the fruit!

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