If you are planning a grand wedding gala that your guests will remember for days, start off on the right foot by announcing your wedding details with invitations that are as regal and beautiful as the event itself. After all, a wedding invitation is the first step in setting the tone of your nuptials. Today, invitations have evolved far beyond the regular unidimensional paper cards with plain lettering. From trunks to laser-cut envelopes, recreations of Bollywood-inspired settings and gift packs, invitations are getting more innovative every year. Get inspired by some of the most exquisite regal invitations created by WeddingSutra Favorites showcased here.

Trunk Tales - Puneet Gupta Invitations
Inspired by the lifestyle of the erstwhile Indian royals and how they use to travel with their beautifully handcrafted luggage, Puneet Gupta crafted an Indian royal trunk which works as a gorgeous invite as well as a beautiful keepsake box for guests to use it after the wedding. “This handcrafted trunk was made with handwoven banarsi brocade and embellished with gota to bring a traditional richness of sorts to the final look. The box also had an image of a prince and a princess on satin that was specially designed for the wedding, making the art unique to the client,” shares Puneet.

Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game

Fit For a Fairytale - Moor Designs
Every bride dreams of a fairytale romance and wedding. There's no better way to commence a magical wedding than with wedding invitations inspired by the timeless essence of Disney. This card by Moor Designs depicts Aladdin taking Princess Jasmine on a magical carpet ride where they can see her grand castle and kingdom glowing in the distance. The card was symbolic of the new adventures that groom Mohit and bride Priya were setting off on together for life. “Something unquestionably exciting flows onto a wedding card when a couple gives designers the freedom to innovate and express the true essence of the wedding. This elegant and colorful card was created for Mohit and Priya and intended to convey their belief in fairy tales,” shares Resham Ramchandani of Moor Designs.

Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game

Celluloid Opulence - Izhaar by Core Designs
An invitation inspired by the scenes and sets of Bollywood, this creation by Izhaar spells magnificence and wonder. Ruchita Bansal shares how this luxe invitation took form. “Vaibhav and Ishita approached us just in time when the excitement surrounding the blockbuster hit 'Padmaavat' was fresh in the air, and most of us wanted to experience director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s grandeur all over again. The couple's idea was to have a lavish and elaborate wedding that would be remembered for days. Taking a cue from the royal and majestic appeal of this movie, the team spent days brainstorming ideas before producing this luxury wedding invite.”

Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game

Regal Accents - Turmeric Ink
A tribute to Udaipur, the 'City of Lakes,' this wedding invitation card exuded regal finesse with its design, color palette, and motifs. The monogram was adapted from the emblem of the Suryavanshi clan of Rajasthan and reds, gold and ivory hues added a lustrous richness. Sonal Aggarwal Jolly of Turmeric Ink shares the inspiration behind the designs, “These invitations were created for a London-based couple who were hosting their destination wedding in Udaipur and flying in guests from all over the world. People from diverse cultures were going to be receiving these invitation cards, and we wanted to ensure that the regal aesthetics of Udaipur were evident right from the moment they held the invite.”

Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game

Exceptional Elegance - Pink Whistle Man
Regal and quirky may seem like an unlikely combination but Pink Whistle Man manages to ace this pairing with their Jodhpur-inspired invitation card. They present local handicraft curios alongside leaflets that feature jharoka outlines and motifs that are evocative of the time of the kings. “Through this card, we have tried to bring out the feel of Jodhpur by using the hue that the city is synonymous with at the same time adding unconventional pops of color,” explains Ranjani Iyengar.

Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game

Authentic Aura - Kankotri
With figures and motifs borrowed from Rajput paintings, this invitation by Kankotri transports one to the Land of The Kings. Talking about this card that was designed for a wedding set to take place at Fairmont Jaipur, Rajesh Vora recalls, “This invite was created for a luxury destination wedding where the couple wanted to give their guests the feel of Rajasthan through vibrant colors and painted stories for each occasion. Therefore, we combined details from Rajasthani palaces, architecture and culture to design an invite that captured the essence of this stately land.”

Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game

Minimalist Charm – Vintage Notes Papery
To create an invitation that was simple yet royal, Vintage Notes Papery incorporated a classy play of colors in this card. The deep blue stood out in contrast with the gleaming gold, and a sparkling lace border was used to upgrade the look of the envelope. “We wanted this card to stand out despite the solid colors and minimal design. Therefore we decided to create traditional laser-cut designs on a metallic sheet. To add some weight to the product, we made use of thick cardboard inserts and administered screen printing and foiling technique to enhance its charm,” says Ritu Kabra of Vintage Notes Papery.

Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game

Subdued Sophistication - CreateAflutter
While most imagine ornate designs and complex patterns at the mention of regal aesthetics, CreateAflutter offered a refreshing take on the royal theme of this couple’s wedding invite. They played with rich colors, textures and gleaming accents to deliver an invite that was every bit fit for royalty despite the simplicity. Suneet Sidhu of CreateAflutter shares, “This invitation was created keeping royalty, minimalism, and classiness in mind. A traditional yet clean design in blue and silver were finalized. The flavored silver nuts, metal names, embossed design, velvet and glass mosaic - all were added bearing in mind the essence of the wedding.”

Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game Royal Designs to up your Wedding Invitation game

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