Bomboniere or wedding favors are a sweet way of thanking your loved ones for being a big part of your special day. So, whether you want to splurge on luxury favours or decide to stick to a fixed budget, here are a list of wedding favors that guests will cherish even after all the celebrations have concluded.

1. Give it your best (coffee) SHOT!
It's time to wake your guests up after the festivities on an energetic note. A personalized gourmet coffee set from WeddingSutra Shop that doubles as a souvenir comes with a little handcrafted brass spoon for measuring, and a brass cup. The exquisite taste and the intense aroma of crushed coffee beans will make your guests smile!

Gifts for wedding guest

2. All is WELL!
Let your guests lie down and relax with a lingering, luxurious scent calming their nerves. This self-care wellness box from WeddingSutra Shop that comes with an eye mask, luxury soy scented candle, and incense sticks, makes for a perfect keepsake gift for your guests to help recover from the busy celebrations.

Gifts for wedding guest

3. Think outside the (goody) BOX!
Create a goody box with these beautifully designed tiny trunks by Izhaar by Core Designs. You could fill them up with a mix of sweets, souvenirs, handwritten notes, accessories, cosmetics and a lot of other goodies for your guests to take back with them. Not only that, the aesthetically appealing trunks make for a perfect coffee table decoration piece and come with metal latches giving them a rustic vibe.

Gifts for wedding guest

4. You LIGHT up my world like nobody else!
The Himalayan Salt lamp will help your guests relax and rejuvenate after the exhausting festivities. When lit, it emits negative ions that neutralises the pollutants in the atmosphere as well as attracts and absorbs microscopic dust particles and impurities present in the air. This thoughtful gift helps improve sleep, reduces stress and is excellent for boosting your guests' moods.

Gifts for wedding guest

5. A mixed BAG of colors and design!
With a reflection of India's rich heritage and lavish lifestyle, let your guests take back a little essence of your wedding. If you're looking for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids who enjoy fun and trendy clutch bags, Puneet Gupta has got you covered. This hand-painted pink piece that comes with a detachable metal chain is a must-have that pairs well with almost any ethnic ensemble.

Gifts for wedding guest

6. OIL be there for you!
This Glow Getter box by Ras Luxury Oils contains a set of handpicked products that work towards giving you the perfect glow after the wedding. It comes with an Argan Pure Plant Oil that helps nourish, soften and regenerate the skin; Radiance Beauty-Boosting Day Face Elixir that'll leave your visage with a sublime glow; and a Rose Nectar Face and Body Spritz that hydrates and restores tired skin; alongside Lustre Liquid Luxury Body Oil that gives your skin a luxurious and hydrated sheen.

Gifts for wedding guest

7. SCENT shivers down the spine
Let your guests go back in time to your wedding day every time they spritz these perfumes. The box of three miniature perfumes by Two Saints comes with luxurious fragrances such as Kokogoose, entwined with citrusy and floral notes, Nine50, which features a bouquet of fresh floral notes, and Chic La Nuit that is sealed with a cluster of warm, fruity notes.

Gifts for wedding guest

8. Customised bag to bring up the swag!
Create customised bags for your bridesmaids and let your squad know who’s who in the group. For the #SassQueen, the #DramaMama and the #RockChick of your gang, these clutch bags by Puneet Gupta will not only stay with them as a memory for life but also help them style these cute bags with their outfits.

Gifts for wedding guest

9. To TIE for
Spoil your groomsmen with this vibrant silk tie, pocket square and cufflinks set from WeddingSutra Shop that’ll bring out their modern yet sophisticated look. The bright colours complementing with their basic pantsuit or tuxedo will bring out a pop of colour that’ll surely fetch them compliments.

Gifts for wedding guest

If you loved these wedding favours, click here and look at the most popular gifts to give your guests this wedding season!

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