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Themed Bar Ideas for Your Wedding

Get inspired to turn the cocktail party high into a high-concept piece de resistance with these bar-decor and architecture ideas from weddings around the globe.

You want your wedding guests to have a great time at your celebrations and you know a free-flowing bar is one of the key ingredients in that heady cocktail. But you also want an exclusive set up, with interesting bar décor elements that make it an unforgettable experience. Here are some of our favourite bar-carts from real weddings around the world.

Al’cohul on the beach
The Al Bustan Palace, Muscat converted their Beach Pavilion into an extensive, open to the sky bar for guests to dig their toes into the sand as they sipped sundowners by the water with a view of the Al Hajar mountains.

Photo Courtesy- Ramit Batra

Quirky Lemon Yellow
A vintage yellow-themed bar set-up rendered just the right touch of odd by bartenders in matching yellow suspenders and spectacles for comic effect. On offer were traditional wine and champagne glasses while one self-serve section was devoted entirely to a wide range of beers to go with a delicious brunch.

Photo Courtesy- DotDusk

Fit for a King and Queen
A mansion built like a house of cards, this bar was all about balancing the wide menu of champagne, beer, wine and more. Add a little glitz to the shuffle, show them the real deal when you put your cards on the table with this cocktail idea!

Photo Courtesy- Ramit Batra

Desi Kitsch
There’s nothing like the well loved, favourite theme – the bar dressed up as a desi truck loaded with cocktails and mocktails for all your guests. Easy to implement and wonderfully adaptable to any vibrant theme you’ve chosen for your mehndi.

Photo Courtesy- The Wedding Designers

The bar on the Horizon
The Tirtha Bridal, one of the most elegant wedding venues in Bali is where you’ll find this exquisite bar, backlit in translucent cerulean hues, seeming to hover magically on the edge of an infinity pool, framed by Hampton lanterns, the Indian Ocean in the backdrop.

The Ultimate Chill
Unusual and dramatic, the bar sculpted from crystal clear ice with ice sculptures adorning it is the perfect way to create a spectacular, unforgettable set-up. Sit back and relax as you watch your guests get really, really chilled out.

The Moveable Feast
Guaranteed to raise a smile, gracious hostesses turn into strolling tables laden with glasses of wine or champagne.

Get illumi-neon!
You can imagine it now – a neon lit bar against the dark sky, row after row of neon shot glasses bright with interesting beverages and your guests standing around, radiant in fluorescent clothing! Everything will be illuminated at your neon-themed sangeet!

Photo Courtesy- Phuket Best Photography

Viva Carnival!
Throw a street party like they do in Brazil or Venice or any place famous for its carnivals. Your carnival- themed bar can be set up for a wild mehndi function like this one at the JW Marriott Phuket. All you need are some open lawns for the crazy dancing, mad-costumes optional and smaller tables set up so your guests can put their drinks down when it’s time to throw their hands in the air!

Photo Courtesy- Reels and Frames

Chilling in the backyard
All you want is for everyone to relax. This works very well at a farmhouse wedding – opt for an easy, conversation-friendly backyard bar set up with tubs stocked high with ice and beers and white wine sitting in the ice, waiting to be picked up by guests as they enjoy the lazy evening.

Photo Courtesy- Blue Violet Events

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