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Themed Bars with a Flavor of the World

Impress your wedding guests with global gourmet cocktail bars that will delight their taste buds

Want to organize the best cocktail party at your wedding? Don’t rely on alcohol and salty nuts alone! Plan for unique wedding bars that serve flavorful bites from all around the world. We bet an array of global gourmet treats will prove tantalizing for taste buds especially when expertly paired with the choicest spirits. We are serving up some dishy ideas below.

There’s nothing more mouthwatering than a plate of piping hot, spicy chaat! A Live Chaat Station should be a mandatory part of all Indian weddings as guests love the wide – and familiar – variety of bite-sized Indian chaats, be it the cold papri chaat, paani puri, hot aloo tikki chaat or bhel puri. If you want to be adventurous, opt for vodka paani puri or chocolate paani puri.

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Impress your guests with a Mexican bar at your cocktail party with platters of prettily arranged mini tacos, non-messy nachos and bite-sized quesadillas.These are the perfect late night treats and pair well with margaritas so consider them for your cocktail or after parties.

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Give your party an informal vibe with Italian pizzas. Nowadays, there is a wide variety to choose from – hand-tossed, oven-baked, thin-crust, vegetarian pizzas with paneer toppings, non-vegetarian delights with extra cheese… These make for the perfect snack after a calorie-scorching turn on the dance floor! A Live Pasta Station or counter near the bar is also a good option for those who prefer something lighter.

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Ditch the traditional bar and go for a free-flowing Sangria and Tapas bar to give your guests a taste of traditional Spanish delicacies like chorizos and bite-sized empanadas. And for that sweet touch, nothing beats the crunchy, fried-dough treat called churros.

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Flavors from Thailand are always popular as they offer a tantalizing mix of sweet, sour and salty in one dish. Choose from bite-sized chicken satay sticks with tangy peanut sauce, fish cakes and spring rolls. You can even serve the popular Thai Papaya or Raw Mango salads in mini takeout boxes.

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French finger food at your wedding bar will add that touch of sophistication. Think garlic bread with a cheese board, quiches, mini crepes – and of course, decadent chocolate eclairs. And if you want to tune down the gourmet meter, just plan to have good old French fries served with an assortment of dips such as Camembert cheese or French Onion dip.

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Middle Eastern
Fresh, meaty and filling – that’s what Middle Eastern cuisine is all about. Guests will enjoy mini shawarmas, falafels, kebabs, and the ever popular hummus dips with slices of pita bread. Also make sure you serve exquisite baklavas for guests with a sweet tooth.

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Japanese cuisine may be an acquired taste but it has become very popular these days. Sushi is always a great choice to serve at a wedding bar because of its fresh ingredients and bite-sized servings. Also small skewers of Yakitori (grilled chicken with vegetables) and crispy tempura vegetables with diverse sauces will be a hit

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Wine & Cheese
A Wine & Cheese bar exudes that refined vibe and it will be a treat for your guests if you can arrange a wine and cheese pairing session at your wedding or cocktail party. We suggest you hire a knowledgeable expert who can man the bar along with his assistants and give your guests the best ever wine and cheese pairing experience.

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A S’more station at your bar may seem kiddish but you guests may enjoy making this popular snack with roasted marshmallows between two crackers. More suitable for an intimate do, the S’more station can add that dash of creativity to the proceedings. Typical American favorites like mini waffles, hot dogs and cookies are also fun, familiar and flavorful options.

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Need more ideas to plan the perfect bar at your wedding? Get a little help from the experts who will show you how to plan the best party in town.

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