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These are the Biggest Wedding Trends for 2023

Punchy hues, immersive experiences and environmentally conscious gifting - 2023 will bring forth a host of new wedding trends.

The previous few years have been a rollercoaster ride but Indian weddings have been highly dynamic by adapting effortlessly to every new change. And, as the experts predict, 2023 will be no different as couples apart from taking a plunge into marital bliss also eagerly immerse themselves in luxury while being keenly aware of the world around them.

For those of you planning your wedding in 2023, here is the lowdown on the hottest wedding trends straight from industry experts to help you execute the perfect celebration –

Outdoor Weddings Amidst Nature
Prerika Puri from To The Aisle shares, “With a new appreciation for the outdoors and nature, couples are increasingly looking for places with natural beauty that can offer the perfect backdrop to their big day. While beaches have been popular for a while, venues with lakefronts, or partial forest covers are also becoming popular. This also ties in with the emphasis on giving a new experience to the wedding party.”

Wedding Trends for 2023 Photo Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Eclectic Dining Experiences
Darshan Shroff from Momente Weddings shares, “Gastronomic delights play a major role in Indian weddings and in 2023, couples will take it a step further with an immersive, sensory experience. Be it wedding brunches, dinners or breakfasts – there will be a huge leap in eclectic menus, out-of-the-box live counters, and themed cuisines.”

Wedding Trends for 2023
Wedding Trends for 2023

Move Over Millennial Pink, Punchy Fuchsia Is In
Now that its Pantone approved, Punchy fuschia will pop up everywhere from floral arrangement to the wedding party’s attire! Ambika Gupta from The A-Cube Project shares, “Punchy fuschia pink is having a hot fashion moment. This vibrant shade of pink has found its way into the world of weddings too. Indian weddings are known for their love for colour and this shade has been no different as couples have begun to embrace this stunning hue not just into their wardrobes but also their decor palettes.”

Wedding Trends for 2023 Photo Courtesy: A Cube Project

Specialty Cocktail Walls
Zashank Bhatia from TailorMade Experiences shares, “Bid goodbye to long queues at the bar! With a speciality cocktail wall setup, one doesn’t just cut out the frustrating rush but adds to the decor. These setups also develop as great photo-op spots where your guests after taking a selfie can walk away with a drink in hand!”

Wedding Trends for 2023
Wedding Trends for 2023

Awe-Inspiring Drone Shows
Pramod Lunawat from Marriageuana shares, “Entertainment is fast becoming a huge part of celebrations and it’s not just limited to music and dance performances. As everything rolls back to normal, couples are keen on taking guest entertainment to new heights with a drone show that makes a splash on social media. From romantic proposals to sharing their story via symbols – drone shows, quite literally, make the sky your blank canvas!”

Wedding Trends for 2023
Wedding Trends for 2023

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors
Divya and Vithika from Divya Vithika Wedding Planners share, “New-age couples are steadily treating their guests while protecting the planet with interesting wedding favours. We see a rise in couples who choose to go the traditional desi route and gift a jar of pure ghee or a box of ladoos. Others choose customised succulents, seed bombs or vegan soaps. Then there are couples who have planted a tree for every guest present at the wedding.”

Wedding Trends for 2023
Wedding Trends for 2023

Say ‘Yes’ to Giving
Namha Malhotra from Castles & Coasters says, “The events of the past couple of years have made people more compassionate across the globe. More than ever, couples are eschewing gifts and urging their loved ones to donate to charities instead of gifting, adopting wedding waste management, distributing food to the underprivileged and more. WeddingSutra Charity Registry is a great way to double up your wedding joy by helping change lives.’

Wedding Trends for 2023

Trendsetting Patchwork Lehengas
Ekta S from HOUSE OF EEKKTA shares, “While intricate threadwork still rules the roost in most bridal wardrobes, patchwork lehengas aren’t far behind. This textile style found its way into the spotlight thanks to Alia Bhatt and it’s here to stay! Perfect for pre-wedding festivities like mehndi, haldi or the sangeet, these outfits are light, vibrant and a melange of regional textile art. In fact, popular designers, like, Rimple & Harpreet, Aisha Rao, AUM by Ashima & Asit and Liz Paul Official have also incorporated this style into their collections.”

Wedding Trends for 2023 Photo Courtesy: House On the Clouds

Luxury Train Honeymoons
“Island honeymoon destinations are old news as luxury train honeymoons give couples an opportunity to look at new views every day while lounging in decadent compartments. Be it a grand tour of Europe, a scenic jaunt through California’s wine country, a spectacular tour of India on the Maharaja Express or an exploration of the Peruvian countryside – luxury train honeymoons come with delicious culinary offerings, spacious compartments, romantic onboard dining experiences and plenty of scenery to feast your eyes on”, says Pritish Shah from A Travel Duet.

Wedding Trends for 2023

“Love Story” Wedding Invites
Monil Shah from KKing Events shares, “Wedding invites that only share the wedding venue and time, are becoming passé. In a world of personalisation, couples now want to invite their wedding guests not just to their special day, but to witness their journey. For example, Talered, a Mumbai-based venture, tells the couple’s journey through books crafted especially for the couple, told in multiple languages, with hand-drawn illustrations that make the wedding a memory of a lifetime.”

Wedding Trends for 2023
Wedding Trends for 2023

A Furry Welcome
Kaveri Vij from Designer Events Inc. shares, “Including pets in your ceremonies is no longer an oddity. As more families welcome pets into their homes and hearts, weddings too, have become inclusive, with the pets often playing important roles–be it as ring bearers or the welcoming party.
Adds Ekta Saigal Lulla of Weddings by Ekta Saigal Lulla. “We will see more weddings offering separate menus and treats for guests bringing their pets in, to join the fun. Many hotels and banquets too are changing their policies to become pet inclusive.”

Wedding Trends for 2023
Wedding Trends for 2023

Photo Courtesy: House On the Clouds and Limelight Studios

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