Weddings are all about sharing, giving and receiving – love and laughter, compliments and courtesy, memories and promises. And let’s never forget that all these wonderful feelings and emotions are symbolized in the gifts we give one another.

But the days when shining gold coins and fat envelopes full of currency made their way to bank lockers and safe vaults, are over. Those impersonal even if generous gifts lost their charm on their way to our generation.

So WeddingSutra would like to bring you contemporary inspiration – not only are these redolent with every deep emotion you want to convey, they’ll also see a lot more light and gleam with the pleasure of a personal touch.

Here are our top 11 picks.

1. The Gift of Uniqueness
One of the particular qualities of the translucent agate is that no two stones are the same. This wedding season, you can delight your guests with a gift that is truly one of a kind – agate accessories by WeddingSutra Favorite Vintage Notes Papery. Each agate coaster, napkin ring and platter is customized and the unique patterning means each piece will be distinctive.

Polished to an artisanal finish and edged in gold, these agate accessories gild functionality with luxury making them truly exceptional gifts. Pick from a range of jewel tones - rose quartz, amethyst and more - for a customized wedding gift.

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

2. Must Have Hair-cessories
Your bestie has the most luscious locks in town. So why not bow to her crowning glory and celebrate it with monogrammed combs or a cute hat? OMG-Oh My “Gift” have customized hats that are straight out of a Pinterest board! Look at them and you may want one too! And then there are the hairbrushes and combs which have incredible vintage charm. Now imagine these, with words or phrases emblazoned on to make them unique to you! The company will personalize the brims of the hats or the combs and brushes with wedding monograms, names and so on.

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

3. The Keepsake Cake
The star at every wedding desert counter, the wedding cake is something that everyone wants to not only taste but also take a look at in all its glory. Shelly Arora Designer Cakes customizes the cake by weaving the couple’s story into it. The bakers meticulously incorporate the smallest of details such as fabrics that match the duos outfit in order to create a stunning edible piece of art. This is a gift that will not only touch the couple but will also be devoured by every guest present at the wedding.

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

4. The Scent of a Celebration
Scent and memory are exquisitely, deliciously interlinked and imagine a bespoke aroma that will fill the air at your wedding and carry on, as a sensual facet of memories of your wedding day. Veedaa Candles are acclaimed for their traditional and contemporary designs and their scented candles will infuse the atmosphere with an intangible sophistication. Pick your preferred candle design and packaging and then the fun begins. You can customize the fragrance of your candles to suit your personal style and wedding theme! Breathe in…

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

5. The Bride’s Bare Necessities
There is no wedding album or trailer without a shot of the bride, sitting in the glow of her vanity mirror, in a plush bathrobe, getting her make up done. Oh, and another shot of her wedding outfit, on a hanger, suspended mid-air. Now you can make sure your friend the bride is perfectly kitted out for both those shots. The Wedding Lounge by Urvi Sethi will personalize a bathrobe, a clothes hanger and even her room slippers and towel to make her feel truly like a queen as she preps up for her big day! These also work very well as very personal gifts for the bridesmaids!

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

6. Keep it Glassy
Our bodies are more than 65% water and as a bride, you have to stay hydrated. This one is a present that’s as thoughtful as it gets. But you’re gifting the bride, not just any bottle. Glass Act upgrades this everyday necessity into a chic piece of aspirational art. Complete with colorful silicon covers that add a touch of quirk, these bottles can be customized to display your wedding logo, monogram and so on. Best thing is, no one will steal it!

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

7. Survival Kits
It’s not the apocalypse but it can sure feel like it. The post-wedding exhaustion will take its toll on even the most seasoned party goers. If there’s one thing every bride and groom deserve, it's being able to enjoy their wedding celebration. Show the couple some love with survival kits designed just for them and finished with a packaging that features their name. (the survival kit can also be for the guests attending the wedding). Right from Crocin and tissue papers, to nail polish and shot glasses – and finished with packaging that features their name. These kits by OMG-Oh My “Gift” are made for survival on the wildest of nights.

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

8. Coast Along
Meet the underappreciated coaster. Not only do they protect your wooden tables and other varnished furniture, they’re also a brilliant way to bring art or humor or anything you love, in bite-size pieces, to your décor. Many folks collect coasters as a serious hobby. It’s called Tegestology! So whether your friends are certified tegestologists or they just have a new home full of gorgeous furniture they don’t want to be ruined by water rings, get them a set of customized coasters from Look What Happened! They’ll thank you a lot when nothing does – to their furniture.

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

9. What’s The Plan-er
Let’s face it. We LOVE weddings! The never-ending discussions, task list and chasing up? Not so much. Now you can be the knight in shining armor at your best friend’s wedding. Make sure she has all her notes, appointments and accounts in a fail-safe, analog, non-hackable, old style bridal planner. The carefully designed and creatively customized Bridal Planner by PapelJam is a tool that will not just help her document every aspect of her memorable journey to becoming a Mrs, it will turn into the perfect keepsake once the wedding is over.

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

10. Jet Setting Style
Travelling is always a joy made better when you do it in style. Customized passport sleeves not only look amazing, they’re also practical. And this new travel essential makes for great presents! Add a touch of glam to your best friends’ travel accessories with WINK’s range that includes passport covers in classic colors and incredible designs. These can be customized to match just what you have in mind and will add wonder to your wanderlust!

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

11.Specialised Sweetness
“Mooh meetha karna” is the best way to begin a celebration and while the good ol’ mithai ka dabba has served us well, it’s time for new tastes. Papabubble creates personalized, quirky, artisanal candies that not only explore innovative flavors and textures, but they can be customized to match the theme of the wedding. Whether you’d like a wedding logo, the couple’s initials or the date of the big day, Papabubble’s team of experts will turn your ideas into a sweet treat.

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Gifts This Season

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