It’s time to raise a toast! Bartenders in Mumbai are earning rave reviews for their creativity when it comes to wowing wedding guests with standout bar ideas and drinks these days. Now, guests can relish molecular mixology, enjoy Biryani Masala – flavored cocktails or go crazy with funky bar ideas such as garage and Mexican themes. These days, it is all about the presentation that makes a bar one of the most coveted hotspots at any wedding. These bartending experts share insights into the top themes and bar décor trending currently and you should consider adding some of these to your upcoming wedding functions.

Udit Sethi: Hops Cork - The Drink Lab
“There are personalized bar setups and cocktail menus that we cater to at weddings. Molecular cocktails are high in demand, and the candy floss martini is one of our favorites. Single malt is also getting popular in the market especially for luxury weddings. We just recently did a wedding where we had an Oriental theme bar setup. Cocktails were created with Thai chilies, basil leaves, and dim sum flavors. Molecular cocktails and vodka-infused watermelon /popcorn /candy floss with foam fume and dry ice are particularly popular with guests. Molecular mixology is what’s trending currently. Everyone wants something different, and therefore we customize every theme as per the client’s requirement. Bar décor has become very important now, and there is a lot of attention to detail put into everything from the straws to the glassware. A lot of clients also ask for custom-made and engraved bottles that can be used as giveaways for guests or as displays to adorn the bar.”


Binny Dhadwal, DrinQ Barmen and Academy
“Molecular cocktails are trending so far. Bartenders have become more a part of the overall wedding theme. People are making bitter cocktails but we make our own bitters. It is used in a small quantity as a flavor in cocktails. We use cilantro, avocados, celery and black pepper in cocktails which give them a unique flavor. People are also becoming more calorie conscious, so to cater to that, we use fresh ingredients such as cucumber, mint, basil and stevia as a sugar replacement to make the drink healthier. The presentation is of utmost importance, and we have around 15-18 décor themes to offer clients. We have found that garage and Mexican themes are very popular during sangeet functions or wedding after parties.”


Pranav Thakkar, The Wedding Bartenders
“We have included a new way of serving cocktails through popsicles and lollipops, among other cool elements. People are over regular cocktails and are always looking for something new. In weddings, the presentation becomes important. When you give guests something different like popsicles, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice, the effect is more pleasing. Vodka and whiskeys are famous when it comes to spirits, while sangrias are good for day functions. We like to experiment with our cocktails and have even used biryani masala, Thai paste, ginger, lemongrass to give our drinks unique flavors. People prefer fresh ingredients and fruity concoctions, so there is definitely a culinary influence coming into the alcohol space. Weddings are all about celebrations, so Oriental themes and quirky Tiki bars are very sought after during the wedding season.”


Gaurish Rangnekar, The BarMobile
“Molecular mixology and the atrical cocktails with smoke coming out of the drink is what impress guests during weddings. Glassware and presentation are very important. We do thematic cocktails, for example, if there is a destination wedding in Thailand, local ingredients such as kaffir lime, lemongrass and matcha are used. For cocktail parties, bachelorettes and mehndi functions, everything is customized as clients’ needs after detailed consultations. Today, the bar is just not an accessory; it is a very important part of weddings. In the past, we have experimented with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg in our infusions, and herbs in cocktails such jalapeno martinis. Both culinary and bar trends are complementary to each other. In weddings today, it is common to see something like a Cointreau Ravioli or Ginger Beer Caviar and also many vegetables and herbs infused in cocktails. Fishbowl martinis and Tiki cocktails are very common in weddings as they have fun and quirky presentation elements.”


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