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Top Wedding Designers reveal their Favorite Wedding Decor Ideas for 2017

From blazing brights to subdued classics, Indian Wedding Décor is the new window to your personality!

Maybe you’d like your wedding lounge to evoke the legendary Sheesh Mahal? Or have all roads lead to your Roman-esque sangeet? What if you had an ‘Awards’ themed reception? Our top Wedding Planners dish out some superlative décor ideas and trends that are both warm and ‘wow’ for your wedding.

1. “Sheesh Mahal revisited”- Mushtaq Ali and Ipsita Biswas Ali, Celebrations
“The royal themed décor is a classic. Mirror mosaic inlay is reminiscent of the craftsmanship at the Sheesh Mahal built by Shah Jehan in 1631. It brings an incomparable theatrical element to the entire décor and manifests an awe-inspiring vibe which is magical and timeless.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

2. “All about Arty Florals”- Neha Seth Arora, Var Vadhu
“Art, enhanced by fresh flowers is a trend that is gaining popularity as wedding décor. For one sangeet night, we incorporated Raja Ravi Varma’s beautiful paintings, added ranjnigandhas and lotuses and voila, an incomparable exotic, ethnic vibe. Add props like cushions, bling, glitter and throws and you’ll have amplified a wonderful ambience.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

3. “Of Florals and Art”- Ekta Saigal Lulla, Weddings by Ekta Saigal Lulla
“Florals have always been an integral part of weddings but as the wedding decor has become larger-than-life, so has the floral design. Artistically structured florals are the latest trend this wedding season. Huge floral structures in the form of visual blocks or centerpieces cater to the attention of guests. Use of foliage on bars and side stages give a unique ‘cutting edge’ feel to the overall ambiance. For the mehndi decor, people are now keen on pastels, garden, and vintage themes. Sangeet is no longer limited to huge sets or Bollywood styles and Buddha bars but is trending more towards international themes and feel”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

4. “A Theatrical Fiesta”- Devki Hemlani, I Do Etc.
“The best way to execute a wedding is to customize details to tell the couple’s love story. We’ve incorporated elements from entire cities or countries that the couple holds dear so when they’re looking back, they can reminisce the fond memories associated with these. For one couple, we created a very traditional mandap with a traditional royal aesthetic. For another, we produced a theatrical fiesta, a stage worthy of an awards night and a Hollywood themed welcome dinner décor setup.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

5. “Vintage Tales” – Sandeep Soi, EMC Decor
“Vintage concepts and origami décor are trending this season. As we specialise in wedding décor, we always suggest traditional elements for functions where clients prefer an elegant setup. Sangeet and pool parties is where most artistic décor is incorporated and we recreate a part of a country/setting into it. It also gives it a great indo western vibe.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

6. “Larger than life Aesthetics”- Sharan Hora, Ravina Sawhney and Ruchika Pawa, Pink Palki
“Indian weddings have so many back to back events, thus each one should be different from the next, in terms of look, feel, and overall coloring. Currently the trend for mehndis include a lot of fun, quirky hanging elements such as dreamcatchers, pinwheels, paper flowers & origami, moving away from the traditional marigolds and kaleeras. On the other hand, wedding décor remains quite traditional, with current brides opting for more pastel color palates and floral mandaps. Lightbulbs, lanterns & fairy lights, with a play on lighting, are still all the rage for welcome dinners and ballroom functions.”

Favorite Wedding Decor Ideas Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

7. “Centrestage Theatricals”- Tina Tharwani, Shaadi Squad.
“Some of the hot decor trends this wedding season are elaborate entrances, a comeback of color and hanging floral centerpieces among others. Personalization and creative icebreakers for the wedding guests in the form of interactive games are also very popular and an integral element of the wedding décor.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

8. “The Lapis Lazuli effect”- Priyanka Arora, Wedding In Vogue
“Lapis Lazuli is a grand fusion of the essences of elegance and vibrancy. That deep, celestial blue conjures up visions of honor, royalty and it is the hottest trend in décor this wedding season. We’ve incorporated this color into several of our wedding designs – wedding cards, gift hampers, logos, décor palettes, entrances and stages. Even the smallest detail, when touched with this incredible color, suggests the theme of Turkish royalty.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

9. “Like a live concert!” – Anil Bohra and Ashish Bohra, Perfexion Events
“Naturally, it all depends on the couple’s aesthetics but rustic and traditional décor themes will always have their takers. We also incorporate contemporary décor elements with the classic to bring a touch of quirk to the vibe. There’s also a rising demand for theatrical décor and grand aesthetics – evocative of a live concert or a big awards night.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

10. “The Maple Blossom”- S&S – Shilpa Rohera & Sonika Advani, Weddings & Events By Shilpa & Sonika
“The maple tree is a classic vintage motif and is a symbol of the generosity of spirit, wisdom, practicality and endurance. Maple trees, threaded through and/or covered with magnificent illuminations are a classic, celebrated décor idea at pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies for clients across the country. One theme that is gaining momentum and has been all the rage recently especially with trend conscious clients is the ‘Bohemian’ theme. We keep a few things in mind while building the framework – the ambience needs to be bright, colorful, free-spirited, hippy and unconventional for it to ring true.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

11. “Of Marigolds and Fairy Lights”- Shankar Ganesh, Ahan Destination Management
“Perfect decor for us means adding a personal touch to eclectic styles and keeping it simple, sophisticated yet elegant. From traditional themes to color coordinated ones, floral décor will always be timeless. The trend in mandap décor with beautiful fairy lights and fragrant marigolds is also gaining momentum and is extremely popular this wedding season.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

12. “That Vintage touch”- Sneha Tejwani and Anisha Bathija, Occasionz Unlimited
“Vintage themes and antique piques are trending this season. People love the old world aesthetics and with clever incorporation of different décor ideas, you can orchestrate the impression of a place or even a work of art. There are quite a few elements and décor themes inspired by paintings and Arabic designs are very well known. Surprising color schemes, offbeat hues and of course, all-white décor remain timeless favorites.”

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Favorite Wedding Decor IdeasFavorite Wedding Decor Ideas

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