Fairytales, fiestas and flourishing gardens - the new year is going to see a host of new wedding decor trends. Check out what leading wedding planning experts have to say about decor themes and concepts that are slated to be in demand this year. From modern minimalism to regal vintage, couples now have a chance to pick unique, contrasting themes for their various functions and customize them as they want. Get inspired by these ideas and insights from WeddingSutra Favorites below.

Modern-day Fairytale - Keeran the Wedding Planner
This year, all the classic stories and fairytales are coming back, but with a twist! Pop culture references add a quirky dimension to the decor and a lot of times, such themes can be tweaked to add a touch of personalization. For example, instead of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ we went with the theme ‘Alex in Wonderland’ for the Mehndi at Alex and Maitry’s wedding. The duo brought back the classic tales that we loved as kids for their wedding, but not without giving it a modern spin. We believe that trend of adapting stories that are closest to the bride and groom to fit the decor of their wedding will continue this year. Besides this, interesting color pairing, rustic setups enhanced by florals, 3D mapping, and creative lighting, as well as exploring different textures to decorate are some of the other concepts that are sure to be a part of wedding decor this year.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018 Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Colorful Carnivals - Enjay Events
You can never be too old for a carnival as it is a theme that appeals to everyone from six to 60! This concept is slated to be all the rage as it holds so much potential for creating a spectacular wedding occasion. Wedding decor, today, is a space that is open to experimentation and lot of couples are keen on showcasing their quirky sides through themes they chose for their functions. This is the year of the ‘La Fiesta’ atmosphere which is all about bright and beautiful decor elements and funky favors that are bound to trigger childlike fascination!

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018 Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

White Rules - Shanaya Celebrations
All-white wedding decor is going to continue to rule in 2018. Classy, elegant and supremely chic, white wedding decor takes the look of a venue to next level. Don’t be too quick to judge the theme by its name since this one is a big umbrella that houses under it a wide variety of moods. Since this color works as a blank canvas, it provides you with ample room to play up other elements. Match white fabric with silver sequin drapes to add a bit of understated drama or bring in a pop of color with bright florals. All you need to do it play up the right details to create the desired vibe.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018 Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Threadworks - Purple Chariot
India is home to a lot of unique fabrics that are high on aesthetic appeal and pack a whole lot of character and history. Fabric-based themes will be strong this year and you will see a lot of weddings exploring the potential of these materials. Not only do these work wonderfully keeping in mind the design aspect, but they also bring in local flavor without having to try too hard. For example, using phulkari is great if you’re looking for bright and colorful decor. Similarly, a theme based on batik would be apt for a mehndi. There is a lot to explore when you’re using fabrics.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018 Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Minimalism Redefined - Varawedding
‘Less is more’ is going to be the mantra for many couples this year. Clean, minimalist wedding decor is a beautiful and simple way to elevate the chic quotient of your big day. The use of fewer elements lightens the overall ambiance. Also, the ‘less is more’ theme ensures that fewer decor elements are used, and these get a chance to shine instead of getting lost in the details. Fuss-free, clean and modern, the minimalist decor scheme is slated to be a hit this year and couples have ample opportunity to include a few playful touches or add their personal stamp to their one-of-a-kind event.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018 Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Royal Vintage - Elite Wedding Planner & My Wedding Planning
Indian royalty has always had great taste in design and architecture, and the forts in India testify to that. Many couples want to feel like royalty on their big day, and the ‘Royal Vintage’ theme brings them a little closer to living the palatial dream. Drawing inspiration from the interiors of places, decorators use elements such as royal carpets and beautifully carved crockery when executing this theme. The palette is spread across deep jewel tones with gold accents. However, the royal look needs to be curated carefully as there is always a danger of going overboard and making the decor look ‘loud’ instead of classy and authentic.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018 Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Light Details - Revel Events
2018 is going to see wedding decor incorporating lots of candles. Glowing candles hold timeless appeal and many discerning brides today want decor that looks tasteful even when they see their wedding albums a decade or two later. Candles are very versatile and can be used as table centerpieces, aisle markers, staircase decor and much more. The scope of being creative with candles is wide and the romantic glow that it casts adds a matchless vibe to any ambiance.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Vintage English Garden - Vivaah Vows
This year we have introduced our clients to the ‘Vintage English Garden’ theme and it’s something that we are sure is going to do very well. The idea is to blend the whimsical look of the beautiful English outdoors with a sophisticated and classy vibe. Needless to say, this theme will incorporate a lot of florals and greens that will add softness to a space. To further enhance the cosmopolitan, classy vibe, a lot of charming vintage elements can be added to accentuate this fresh and lush theme.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018 Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Majestic Marble - Impressario Inc.
Marble is a magnificent material and is a product of the earth’s artistry. We believe that marble will play a big role in upcoming wedding setups be it in the form of prints or just in the use of the rock itself. It can be used as a macro element in elements such as backdrops or even a dance floor. White marble can be livened up with lush green arrangements. Alternatively, micro-elements made of marble such as decorative candle holders, coasters, bases for table centerpieces and plates with a marbled design for a sit-down dinner can also be used effectively. The marble theme can be carried all the way through different items such as a wedding cake with a marble pattern or getting the wedding invitations printed on marbled paper.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Metallic Moods - Pink Palki
One decor trend that we think will rule 2018 is ‘Metallic Moods’. Gleaming metallics add light, glamour, and luxury – characteristics that a lot of brides adore these days. The color story will boast shades of copper, rose gold, silver, and slate while the decor elements can include gold-tipped feathers, oversized paper and net flowers in metallic hues, candelabras in brass, silver, and gold alongside open hanging frames, lanterns, and other metal accessories. Lit elements such as fairy lights and Edison bulbs, metallic furniture including Tiffany chairs and mirrored table tops are going to be a prominent feature at weddings this year. A lot of non-decor elements too will be used creatively in order to enhance the look and feel of the theme further such as gold leaf and glitter-infused cocktails, metallic cake pops, shiny photo booth props and metallic confetti blasts. We guarantee it will be a shiny year for wedding decor!

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018 Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

Many hues of Love - Weddings by Shilpa & Sonika
Today a lot of clients are moving away from restrictive themes and focusing their attention towards decor that is simple yet elegant. This shift in mindset was evident by the end of 2017 and continues to dominate 2018. Props and centerpieces are going to be big. Think beautiful floral arrangements, exquisite candelabras, glass elements and so on. Another thing that will influence decor trends this year is limited mahurats. Due to this, a lot of weddings are expected to take place in June and July. Given that the monsoons would have hit the country by this time, a lot of couples will also be seen leaning towards vibrant wedding decor to offset the grey skies. After all, the best way to beat the cloudy gloom is by letting pop colors brighten up the day.

Wedding Experts Predict Decor Trends for 2018

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