If you’ve allowed yourself to believe the invitation card isn’t a top priority in your wedding prep, it’s time to reconsider.

Your wedding card is so much more than just a call for attendance. With the potential to make significant impact, it is the first glimpse into everything your wedding is going to be and you want to set the right tone.

We got in touch with the WeddingSutra Favorites to learn which cards will instantly make your guests want to be a part of your wedding

Read on to know what’s hot and what’s not.

Power of Color Trend by Design Tuk Tuk
2018 trends will be about combining the quirky with the elegant. Custom illustrations, motifs or monograms, creative color palettes, paper alternatives, or even funny wordings will be a few ways in which couple will be looking to include an element of fun in the invites. The idea is to give the guests a peek into how much fun they're about to have at their one-of-a-kind celebration.

More and more people are now beginning to understand the power of color and use pastels rather than bright reds and pinks. This is especially the case when the couple’s wedding will be exploring youthful themes instead of traditional ones. Watercolor effects and traditional Indian features integrated with modern colors are becoming very popular too.

Wedding Invitation Trends

Quirky Keepsake Trend by Pink Whistle Man
Recently we’ve noticed clients who want to experiment with clever and brave ideas and really go all out to break with convention. We recently created a quirky invitation for a couple who work in the automobile sector. The invitation was a literal toolbox made of grunge metal and every element that went inside combined elements of an authentic toolbox with those of a wedding. This box reflected their sense of humor and also had a keepsake value. It was one of the wackiest that we’ve created or even come across. Customized cards are still trending over standard templates and couples are willing to go the extra mile to make their invitations, stationery and wedding tell a story.

Wedding Invitation Trends

Wedding Invitation Trends

Laser-cut and Metallic foil Trend by CreateAflutter
Metallic foil, metal plating, and laser-cut are here to stay. Adding a touch of gold, silver or even rose gold is the easiest way to bring glam to any invitation even or maybe especially when the overall design concept is minimalistic. From borders and lettering to monograms and designs, there’s no limit to the way in which you can add sparkle to your cards.

For those who prefer cards that lean towards the artistic side, laser-cut designs are an elegant way to dress up the invitations and make a statement. Whether you want a lace, jaali work, paisleys or even snowflakes, using a laser-cut design for wedding invitations is very on trend right now.

Wedding Invitation Trends

Wedding Invitation Trends

Bold Pattern and Texture Trend by Kankotri
We’re looking at trends for 2018 and believe that there’s a rising interest in the use of mixed media graphic art that will probably go far in to the future. This style is a mash up of interesting elements, textures, and patterns in its design to match the mood of the wedding or even to narrate the couple’s story.

The trend facilitates bold, complex and rather distinct designs to unify in beautiful harmony. It’s safe to say that each piece of a design suite can certainly stand alone, but the true magic happens when they effortlessly unite. Themes can range from vintage and rustic to very stylish and classy looking, always unique invites.

Wedding Invitation Trends

Wedding Invitation Trends

Calligraphy in Devnagari Trend by Turmeric Ink
2018 is all about focusing on fabulous fonts. Whether you’re mixing different scripts, carving it out in beautiful typography or making a couple monogram, expect to see a mix of Devnagri and English fonts in the body of the invitation. Calligraphy in Devnagari is spectacular to look at and imagine the entire body of text written in this style. The 7 elements (mishri, chandan, kesar, supari, haldi, roli, and moli) will be a popular wedding favor to go with the invitation. This is a gorgeous way to invite someone to a Hindu ceremony and also present items that your guests will use every day, making the card both, a practical gift and a thoughtful invitation.

Wedding Invitation Trends

Design In-Motion Trend by Rohan Aparna Invitations
It’s going to be the year of ‘In-Motion’ design themes, where the card is designed with certain elements exuding a sense of motion. In this invitation, the roses appear to be calmly falling to create the feeling of the wedding day itself when the bride is showered with flowers. This couple also plans to use pink and red roses in their wedding décor making this invitation a preview. The reason we feel that this will be popular in 2018 is because classy yet simple invitations are increasingly being preferred. This style also provides ample scope of synergizing the wedding decor with the invitation which can be irresistible.

Wedding Invitation Trends

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