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Ben and Nadya – Naples, Florida

Ben lives in Texas and Nadya in Lithuania and they had an "Oh -so- perfect-Wedding!". Though they belong to different places, they decided to celebrate their special day in the beautiful city of Naples.

It was a wedding where everything was oh-so-perfect. The Bride, groom, bridal party the location. Quips Sasha Leahovcenco who photographed the wedding: “I had the privilege to capture moments of the most important day in Ben and Nadia’s life. I am not sure if I will have another opportunity to be part of similar wedding; when the groom with his friends would go to swim and to tan on the wedding day. Or where everybody get soaking wet during the ceremony, because of the rain and Florida weather. Or where the bride, groom and the whole bridal party would go to the pub to get some drinks after the reception is over. What I can say…it was an amazing wedding and an even more amazing couple!”

Ben lives in Texas and Nadya is from Lithuania. Yet, they decided to celebrate their special day in a beautiful city of Naples, FL. And indeed, its a gorgeous city right on the coast. According to Sasha, the venue The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf ClubÏ (www.naplesbeachhotel.com) where the wedding took place was simply awesome; both inside and outside.

Ben and Nadya decided to make their wedding day very intimate, so they invited only close friends and relatives; 25 in total. Yet the atmosphere at the wedding seemed like there were 200 people- lots of fun and energy throughout the day.

Photographs courtesy:
Sasha Leahovcenco

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